Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Christmas Diet Tip #2: Halloween Candy Leftover?

The Halloween Party is OVER!
What will you do with the leftover Halloween Candy?
This morning, before anyone got up, I tip-toed into the kitchen – grabbed the leftover Halloween candy and dumped it. Down the garbage shoot … gone! And you know what? It wasn’t easy. But in the end, I felt triumphant.
I invite you to put an “X” through yesterday, as if it didn’t happen and …
Get rid of the candy and …
What will you do with the leftover Halloween loot? Dump it? Give it away? Save one or two or maybe even three pieces for another time?
Please … share your strategies below. Let’s support each other in waking up on New Year’s Day THINNER than we are today!
Spread the word … NOT the icing!
Janice Taylor is a Life & Wellness Coach, Cert. Hypnotist, Author, Columnist, Seminar Leader and 50-pound Big-Time-LOSER!!!
Write Janice for a Free Coaching Consult!
Interested in THE CHRISTMAS DIET? Still time to join with us.
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  • adriana

    There is no Halloween candy. Earlier this week I made the decision to purchase sugar free bubble gum (trident) 8-packs and sugar free hard candy. We usually don’t have trick or treaters come to our house, we have a long driveway and I suppose the kids/parents would rather not do all that walking, so we usually end up eating the candy leftovers. We always buy something “in case”. Last night was no exception, no trickor treaters. I have lots of gum and sf candy, YAY! Knowing this Christmas Diet was probably a big kick in the tush for me in terms of awareness, so I credit you with this “enlightened” decision.

  • Janet

    Hi! I’m just wondering why to tell the truth didn’t come up after the song was done from Hairspray? How do I get to this? I want to see everything that has to do with your Christmas Diet. Thank-you

  • Sherri

    We make a batch of cookies and take the leftover candy to the Firestation to thank them for keeping us safe.

  • Barbara

    Hi Janice, This is a very motivating way to begin Day One. I am keeping a journal; it was hard to confront my 10 ways of dishonesty, but now that they’re out on paper I can look at them more positively as things to work on. I feel ready to tackle the day.

  • Kristine

    Happy Saturday, Janice, and hello to everyone in the group.
    I gave out pumpkin and bat-shaped pretzels because they’re healthier than candy, and…I don’t like pretzels.
    For the last couple of years I’ve decided to carry my Halloween treats with me when I go trick-or-treating with my son, to hand out along the way. It insures I don’t end up with a lot of leftovers. I’ve raised a few eyebrows with this behavior, but most parents I encounter say, “Why didn’t I think of that?!”
    Good luck to all as we begin this healthy, humor-filled journey together.

  • Loran

    We don’t have trick or treaters either so I didn’t buy candy. Candy, however, is my “drug of choice.” So, Halloween or not, I like to eat chocolate. Now they are stocking candy at work for snacks. I stress eat there so it will be a challenge not to go in and indulge.
    I signed up for Fit Day online and can track everything I eat. According to the computerized information (so nice not to have to figure it out), I need to cut back 572 calories a day to lose one pound a week.
    I am noticing that being willing to try this again is bringing up a lot of fear and discomfort! But hopefully that will diminish with fun and laughter.
    I couldn’t get the truth video to play either.

  • colleen

    Halloween candy wasn’t a problem for me either-I live on a dark street and it’s a haul walking to my house.
    I haven’t done my ten yet, but I will before hitting the sack this evening as part of my journal. For me, it’s an easy list to put together but a hard one to own up to. Like Loran, I am hoping the fun and laughter will help alleviate the pain and fear of “yet again.”
    Good luck everyone, whether you want to lose a few or stay the same over the holidays.

  • Janet

    I eventually figured it out about, “To Tell The Truth,” and realized that it was on a separate E-Mail. Sorry about that but I have a bad cold right now and am not thinking upto par. Good luck to everyone else on this Christmas Diet. I’m scared too about starting another diet program but healthwise I’ve got to do something. I’m a living heart attack just waiting to happen. I’ve put a picture of me on the refrigerator and will keep looking at that when I’m tempted. I’ve never been this heavy and have to keep buying new clothes to fit me which is expensive to do. My heart Dr. said the last time he saw me that I needed to loose wt. and I’ve gained some since then. I don’t like the way I look or feel and need some help with loosing this weight. So bring on your encouragement and idea’s that will help me.

  • Linda Woolsey

    We just didn’t do Halloween this year!! No gussied up front yard to lure the little Trick or Treaters to our “den of delicious but not good for you” treats. We had a nice quiet evening with the dogs inside and NO LEFTOVER candy to tempt us forever (we always overdo it). There’s just too much obesity and diabetes floating around out there to aid and abet folks who need all the help we can get!! We tried handing out pencils a couple of years back and most of them ended up “planted” in our yard!!
    Wish I had the money for the Christmas Diet but I wish luck to all of you who are participating. ljw :O)

  • flashmom

    I took the candy to the winter clothing distribution for victims of Hurricane Ike. I also bought some sour type candy this year…not as addicting.

  • Laura

    We continued our Halloween tradition of “donating” our candy to my husband’s office. It’s a quick and easy way to get rid of all of the extra yummies lying around. This year we threw in the candy from my daughter’s trick or treating. Unfortunately, she negotiated a trade agreement with my husband, and we are now the proud owners of a ridiculously obnoxious singing Barbie-type doll. I suppose it’s still better than piles of candy sitting around!
    Glad to have Halloween behind us…happy November, everyone!

  • Kerry

    Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I enjoy handing out treats to all the little “gobblins” that come to the door. I don’t ever have leftover halloween candy! I buy treats every year, have enough for all who ring the doorbell, and don’t have to waste one piece in the trash. How do I do it? When I’ve had enough fun at the door, I simply empty my treat bucket into the final trick-or-treaters’ goodie bags, much to their amazed and happy faces! That always gets us a big thank you and comments like, “this is the best house ever!” Then I turn off the porch light and sip my cup of hot tea, with no treats beckoning to me.

  • Joy

    Linda Woolsey- and anyone else who doesn’t feel like they have the money for the Christmas Diet….
    Janice’s email program is a very small price to pay for the wit and wisdom you get in return with motivation to spare and replace a daily “junk” habit. If you actually commit to doing what she says you will come out money ahead. I promise. When I actually added up what I spent on trips to McDonalds, Diet Coke, eating out and snacks to make it through the day, I was amazed. Not near the cost of the Christmas diet. Not to mention the Dr. visits and Rx costs for hypertension and diabetes. Give yourself an early Christmas gift and try Janice’s program. I have worked with Janice and she is the real deal.

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