Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Weight Loss Tip: Clean Out the Cabinets NOW.

You CAN’T LOSE IT … TILL YOU’VE LOST IT! … Clean out your cabinets NOW with Janice Taylor!
I’m going to give it to you straight!
There is no such thing as WILL POWER … there is only WANT POWER.
If you really want to lose weight NOW, head into the New Year THINNER than you are NOW, then you need to LOSS THE CHIPS, the ice cream, the full-sugared soda, the deep fried Twinkies, the Cheese doodles, the 32 oz. porterhouse steak!
That’s right! You Must – conduct a clean sweep of your cabinets. And please, do NOT even TRY to tell me that you HAVE TO keep chips in the house for your husband, your kids, whomever. (Tips on how to get the support of your family included in The Christmas Diet).
Today, I am cleaning out my cabinets! I know that there are some goodies hidden in the back of the freezer and cabinets from weak days and partying nights. Out they go, TODAY!
Join with me … DUMP the JUNK today! And get ready to wake up THINNER in the New Year!
Spread the word … NOT the icing!

* Janice Taylor, weight loss guru (that’s me) is going to lose weight NOW and wake up THINNER on New Year’s Day (because last year … she didn’t). She invites you to join her EVERY DAY on these Beliefnet pages. Following her sage advice on these pages can help you to lose weight. Signing on for The Christmas Diet can help you to lose weight, change your mind and keep it off!


We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.
~ Albert Einstein

* * *
Janice Taylor is a Life & Wellness Coach, Certified Hypnotist, Author, Columnist, Seminar Leader and 50-pound Big Time Loser! Write Janice for a Free Life Consult!

  • Becky Stone

    Hi Janice,
    I’m excited too. I just signed up for The Christmas Diet! And I’m going to throw out my secret staff of M&Ms. It won’t be easy, but I’m going to do it! I’ve got WANT POWER.

  • Kim

    Add me to the excitement train! I’m signed up and ready to greet the new year with less baggage!
    A tip when cleaning out your cabinets… Throw the stuff in the garbage! DON’T EAT IT like I did!
    All is forgiven and I’m movin on! :o)

  • Toni Star

    Good advice and one that I intend on implementing! Will be moving soon, so cleaning out the cupboards is high on my list…

  • Debbie Fall

    I’m READY!!!!!!

  • Sandee

    … sounds like a good idea! …hm, but what if you have two teenage sons who love all of the above and continue to buy them, displaying them within my sight? I know you’re right. I have discovered I have very little willpower these days, :( especially if I am hungry.

  • Dawn

    My problem isn’t junk food at home. It’s everywhere around me at work in a large hospital. Coworkers, drug reps & patients families all bring in cookies, chocolate, doughnuts, etc.. that sit in close proximity to where I work. I know that I need more self control, but it is a lot easier when the sweets aren’t right in front of you!

  • Jennie

    Hey Dawn! I am a food junkie. So if anyone can relate to having a TON of candy and treats around while at work no matter what the holiday may be–it’s me. Halloween is supposed to be a one-day event, but where I work it seems to have come like Groundhog Day (the movie) for the past three weeks. Try having something you like to eat that fits in your plan (I love apples at this time of year) and leave the apple (or other favorite fruit) right on your desk so you can chow it down instead of a snickers. Sounds crazy, but it actually works. Anything you can eat that is better for you then a candy thrill would have been is a step in the right direction!

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