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“Six Thinking Hats” is a powerful technique that can help you to develop new ways of dealing with difficult situations, food or otherwise. ~ by Janice Taylor, Life & Wellness Coach, Cert. Hypnotist, Author, Columnist, Seminar Leader & 50-pound Big-Time-Loser! (write Janice for FREE Consult.)
The process of thinking through these six hats can help you to create six distinct approaches; six new points of view. The more we stretch our thinking, the more likely we are to succeed.
You can enable yourself to make better decisions by moving outside your norm (a.k.a. your habitual way).
For instance, some people approach their day from a very rational position. Believe it or not, being rational all the time is limiting! By trying on another thinking hat for size, this same rational person may develop the ability to approach their challenges from an emotional, intuitive and creative position. They may move from a rational, fixed position to a free-flowing leap of faith. Imagine that!
I invite you to look at your food challenges through these amazing techni-color hats! The “Six Thinking Hats” technique, can help you to come up with a heap of new choices, leading you to your weight loss solution.
Now… if you would… please imagine that even though you are not particularly hungry, the impulse to eat is strong. Before you head to the fridge, try on each of the following “Six Thinking Hats.” You may want to have paper and pen at hand. Keeping notes is always a good idea!
Each “Thinking Hat” is a different style of thinking. Are you ready? Here goes!
The White Thinking Hat focuses on data available. What information do you have at hand about yourself and weight loss, the weight loss process. Look for gaps in information and knowledge. Later, you can plan to fill in those gaps.
Example: I have a calorie counter. I have a daily planner. But I do not have information on carb counting and that might be something that I am interested in further researching.
The Red Thinking Hat looks at your decision to lose weight and your weight loss process though intuition, gut reaction and emotion.
Example: My intuition tells me that this time is the time and that I am on the right path. I can feel my happy emotions starting to circulate through my body. Yes, The Christmas Diet is a good idea. My gut says so.
The Black Thinking Hat takes a cautious and defensive look at things. This isn’t as bad as it sounds. Its job is to find the pit holes in your plan, your weaknesses, enabling you to change your approach and plan an action. This Hat says, “Get tough. You are resilient. You can spot the flaws in your plan and fix ’em.”
Example: I want to lose weight, but I have children and they want cookies, chips, ice cream, et al. There are a lot of pit holes, pit falls, pits around that one!
The Yellow Thinking Hat is filled with positivity! An optimistic perspective prevails, and the benefits that you will ‘gain’ while ‘losing’ come to the surface.
Example: Big Smiles! You can see your new body/state of mind and the grey clouds of gloom and doom drift away. Far, far away.
The Green Thinking Hat represents creativity. You can now develop creative solutions to your weight loss challenge. Permission is granted. You can be a freewheeling thinker.
Example: Weight loss is a creative act. I can create it in any way I like: a happy way, difficult way, fun way. I can create delicious meals, and I can create a new body. I can ride a pogo stick and be outrageous while burning calories!
The Blue Thinking Hat stands for control. While wearing the Blue Thinking Hat you are in charge; you make the hard decisions.
Example: You are the one who easily and effortlessly chooses NOT to have the 2nd piece of cake and says, “No, thank you,” with a smile. Feel empowered!
Have fun trying on different hats and thinking in Technicolor!
Spread the word (NOT the icing)!

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