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Our Lady of Weight Loss

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Halloween Candy: here, there and everywhere … Already! by Janice Taylor, Life & Wellness Coach, Certified Hypnotist, Author, Columnist, Seminar Leader and 50-pound Big-Time-Loser! (write Janice for a free life consult)
Oh … My Goodness Gracious Me!!!! I went to CVS Drug Store yesterday (one of those mega-drug-stores that sell underwear, frozen food and drugs … don’t know which one is in your neighborhood, but you do). Three aisles were devoted to Halloween Candy – already!!!!
Truthfully, I found it a tad disturbing. First of all, it was 77 degrees in NYC yesterday. Halloween and 77 degrees don’t mix well. And it was a reminder that “The Season of Temptation” is fast approaching.
It was my plan to send out some Halloween tips closer to Halloween, but after seeing all that temptation right in front of me, after hearing the call of the bite size Babe Ruth’s, I thought maybe I best reach out sooner than later. Before y’all (and me, too) start stocking up for Halloween.
Here is my first in a series of bite-size tips that will get us through the holidaze glaze together. My apologies for those of you who are not ready to think about the holidaze glaze yet. Me either! Not yet ready – but the candy is ready to be bought!!!!
I am going to lay it out – tell it to you straight. Bits of REALITY!
REALITY BITES: Do NOT buy Halloween candy until the day before Halloween!!!!! lest you will eat. Plain and simple. The hard truth.
Spread the word, NOT the icing! (or in this case early Halloween candy!)

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  • BrokenSp1r17

    You would be amazed on how many calories are in those tiny temptations. And it’s so easy to eat a day’s worth of calories because “it’s just a tiny thing, one (or two, or ten) it won’t hurt my diet.” Thanks for the post Janice, delicious advice indeed. ^_^

  • Becky Stone

    You’re not kidding!!!! Please post more advice.
    I just eat it up.

  • Nathanne

    I try to get Halloween candy that I don’t like, and I stay far away from chocolate in any form. If chocolate is in the house I can’t resist it. One year I ate a whole bag of Hershey’s miniatures by myself, and I felt like an idiot for doing it. The next year I gave away quarters instead of candy. Kids love money. I’m thinking of getting a bag full of those spooky spider rings, and cheapo plastic kids’ jewelry to give out instead of candy.

  • Renee Drew

    Those little candy bars go down W-A-Y too fast, so I can relate to eating a whole bag of ‘em. Several years ago, I decided to give up chocolate for Lent, even though I’m not Catholic. I then discovered/remembered that Payday candy bars don’t have chocolate. There’s no such thing, for me anyway, as candy I don’t like, so that plan is no help. Even though I hear them calling me, and it’s tough, I just walk away. Better yet, I don’t go down those aisles. It’s a whole lot easier to write about it to OLWL, than it is to do it!

  • Susan

    I just watched your lively, wonderful video, Janice, and I’m so glad “all is forgiven” and that I can “move on!” I’ve enriched my broad-beamed buttocks via not one, but THREE bags of chocolate candy originally intended for the l’il Halloween munchkins. I needed something to go with the presidential debates… ha ha ha….

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