Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Whole Grains Will Change Your Life

The Miracle of the Whole Grain: I prayed for WHOLE GRAINS to show up and they did! By Janice Taylor, Life & Wellness Coach, Certified Hypnotist, Author, Columnist, 50-pound big-time-loser!
I was talking to Our Lady of Weight Loss the other day, and asked her if there was an Our Lady of the Whole Grain – someone I might talk to who could effectively explain the importance of whole grains in a juicy, fun way !
And, no kidding, within three minutes of asking (ask and ye shall receive), I received an email from Jessica Porter, the author of Hip Chick’s Guide to Macrobiotics, telling me about one of her cooking events.
Coincidence? I think not! Divine inspiration. I immediately took fingers to keyboard and sent a hot burning email to Jessica …
Dear Jessica, what’s the deal with whole grains? Why is it so uber-important that we embrace them, ingest them, and sing their praises? ~ Janice Taylor on behalf of Our Lady of Weight Loss
And here’s what Jessica had to say!
At the risk of sounding blunt, WHOLE GRAINS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Period. End of sentence. No exaggeration. Whole grains contain good-quality carbohydrate, that your body converts to yummy blood sugar, giving you the spark and spunk to show up for your life in the way it deserves.
The fiber of whole grains sweep out your intestines, making everything clean and regular, while attaching to excess hormones at the same time–excess hormones which have been implicated in nasty diseases like breast cancer. But wait, I’m not done. Whole grains contain B vitamins that make your nervous system nice and c…a…l…m.
Now, when I say “whole grains”, I mean the actual grains themselves, intact.
Like brown rice, millet, hulled barley, quinoa, spelt, rye, whole oats, buckwheat (kasha) and anything else you can get your hands on in its whole form. Because not only do these magical little suckers do all the stuff I mentioned above, they have one more, incredible characteristic: THEY ARE WHOLE.
Yeah, I know… duh! But this wholeness is actually something quite magical; it is a natural, powerful essence that remains intact. And that essence is what will change your life.
Consider this: there are so many things we do these days, trying to make ourselves whole: Yoga, meditation, therapy. Finding the perfect mate, or wrestling our current mate into our vision of perfection. To be whole is the deep, underlying agenda of the human being. But did you know you could eat your way there? Nature isn’t neurotic; flowers bloom, the sun shines, babies are born–not too complicated. When we eat whole grains, we bloom, and shine, and are re-born.”
Chew Grains Well: Okay, now I’m gonna sound like a total freak; I’m suggesting that you actually chew these magical seeds A LOT. Like, 50 to 100 times per mouthful.
When you’ve finished laughing, I’ll explain why: Complex carbs needs to be ground in the mouth in order to break down their molecules, and there is a digestive enzyme in your saliva that aids in this process too. In the mouth, complex carbohydrates become glucose–totally ready to be absorbed by the body. Without this chewing, digesting them can be more laborious and yield weaker results.
If you really want to get on this magical carpet ride, chew your grains well. Not at every meal, but at least once a day, chew about 1/2 a cup of grain, keeping all the mush in your mouth and not swallowing until your 50 chews are up. This will take practice, because you’re basically re-training your mouth, so be patient with yourself.
Wow! Jessica, you said a whole grain mouth full.
Thank YOU!

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  • pagansister

    Irish Oatmeal every morning works for me. Tastes good, keeps me full for 3 to 4 hours. Sugar or honey, with cashews & walnuts or blueberries …extra goodness.

  • Renee Drew

    Real oatmeal, not the quick or instant stuff is great. It’s convenient to do steel-cut oats in a slow-cooker the night before, so when you awaken it’s ready. For just me, I do a bowl in the microwave with dried cranberries. (After my first cup of coffee.)

  • ChatteringMind

    Janice! My favorite whole grain these days is farro.
    Nutty, delicious, and after you consume a little, it makes you feel full, fortified, even powerful!
    It can be hard to find sometimes, is carried mostly by health food stores, but it is worth the search.

  • Klara LeVine

    I’m here because Jessica told those of us who follow her blog about you – pleasure to meet you all.
    I just wanted to reiterate in case the point was missed, Jessica is talking about WHOLE grains – there is such a thing as WHOLE OATS (usually you can find at the health food stores) – and they are many times more powerful than what most people are used to. It’s a wonderful warming food for the upcoming winter months – however, if this is a site on losing weight, I was told of all the grains, it has the most fat, so for a very long time I have kept away from it. But for those who love oatmeal, you’ll love cooking with whole oats. You can put it up the night before, it also helps to soak most grains, including whole oats, for several hours (or overnight), the proportions are 1 cup oats to 5 – 6 cups of water, pinch of salt, bring to a boil, then reduce flame to a simmer and put a flame tamer under the pot – then cook for several hours or overnight.
    I know lots of people these days are all in a rush – which is a shame – this kind of food gives lasting energy and as Jessica described can do so much more for your body.
    all the cracked kinds of grains are a good step in the right direction, (bread, noodles, couscous, polenta (cornmeal), and of course, the steel cut oats and other kinds of cereals) but if you want to take the next step, try using more WHOLE grains.
    I look forward to seeing what else is here. Good health to us all.

  • meg wolff

    Hi Janice,
    I came here from Jess’ blog. Love your “about me” page, especially your before & after photos. You look fabulous!

  • Anonymous

    WOW, ‘LADY OF WHOLE-GRAIN’, you are great ! :-
    “If you really want to get on this magical carpet ride, chew your grains well. Not at every meal, but at least once a day, chew about 1/2 a cup of grain…” – so true !
    Please also teach us(me) how to judge ‘that grain’ is really ‘wholegrain’ in those supermarkets, not trusting their labels to say ‘whole’ and then ‘grain'; or looking through clear plastic wrappers ?
    AND WHERE else (apart from supermarkets) to locate and buy whole-grains? – in our GREY-JUNGLE METRO-CITY ?
    Thanks in advance for your prompt response.
    Best regards,

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