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Fatty Liver Disease
This past week, Kick in the Tush Club member Pat L. wrote me and told me that she has “Fatty Liver.” I was concerned. I care about Pat (she has been a loyal KITT Club member for quite some time), so I did a bit of research.
Fatty Liver a.k.a. Fatty Liver Disease (FLD), steatorrhoeic hepatosis, or steatosis hepatitis, is a serious disease that compromises your all-important liver. Essentially, it is as its name implies. There is a build-up of excess fat in the liver cells. The good news is that Fatty Liver is a reversible condition!
Fatty Liver is associated both with excessive alcohol intake and obesity.
Symptoms: One thing you should know is that Fatty Liver is not easily detected, since fatty liver does not produce symptoms on its own. It can go undetected for years. As it worsens you may experience fatigue, weight gain, abdominal discomfort, weakness and confusion.
Diagnosis: The only way to know for sure is to get a liver biopsy. Initially, however, your doctor may detect something unusual in your blood test or notice that your liver is slightly enlarged during a routine checkup.
Treatment: The great news is that you can turn this disease around by eating healthfully and by slowly and permanently removing excess weight. (If you lose it; you will find it)
Easy Enough? You might read this and say, “that’s easy. I’ll just choose healthy eating.” Thing is, healthy eating takes conscious effort and determination. You have to plan meals, stock the house with the ‘right’ stuff, and practice saying ‘no’ to a bunch of foods that you have been eating (or drinking) for decades.
Trying On Health: Still it is your CHOICE! You are the sole person responsible for what goes into your mouth!
You can continue to be a person who holds onto bad food choices that may create illness (sorry, but if you are holding on to poor food choices and feeding your liver fat, you could very well be creating disease); or you can be a person who moves into their “Picture Perfect Future ™!”
More than food for thought; this is food for life!
As a Life & Wellness Coach, I emphasize CHOICE. Making choices that are not only right for TODAY, right NOW, but that are also in alignment with your compelling future.
So, please, whether you have Fatty Liver or not, do take a moment to choose wisely for today and tomorrow!
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