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Betty Boop No Longer Virtuous by Janice Taylor, Life & Wellness Coach, Cert. Hypnotist, Author of the Our Lady of Weight Loss books, and 50-pound big-time-loser.
Betty Boop, the first and quite possibly the most famous animated sex symbol was first served up and dished out during the Depression era; debuting on August 9, 1930, in the cartoon Dizzy Dishes.
Betty, sporting high heels, garter belt, short dress, and false eyelashes was the first cartoon to fully represent a sexual woman. Betty’s virtue was often challenged, but in the end, on film – in animated form – she proved to be a good girl.
Fast forward to August, 2008 – some 78 years later – Betty Boop is alive and well … she’s living in East Harlem.

Is Betty still a dishy-dish? Is her virtue still being challenged? Has she ultimately remained a good girl?

I stopped by the local Bodega on my home late last night, hoping against all hope that I might find a fresh container of skim milk or even 1% or 2% (for my morning coffee). Alas, I had to settle for full fat.
As I approached the ‘check-out’ counter, there stood Betty Boop … tall (great posture), winking at me, big head, red lips and all … luring me in, ‘check me out!’ The label promised “Betty Boop Lip Gloss is ‘au’some.'” I’m pulled in; this will be a fun gift for my friend’s daughter who loves to get into her mommy’s lipsticks and play dress-up.
$1.99 later, at home, at closer examination I realize that the lip gloss is, in fact, candy! Corn syrup and sugar, its first ingredients!

Betty Boop

Lip Gloss.

Wink and a Kiss

Betty Boop is contributing to the fattening of America; to the obesity of our children. All cute and fun, but no longer the good girl – she spreads sugar through-out the ghetto, straight onto the lips of our children (3 and over – see small print on back label).
I feel betrayed – saddened, in fact. Betty, who in the days of yore held to some level of integrity, sold out. She’s still a cute and alluring dishy-dish, but she has lost her innocence and is no longer virtuous.
Be outraged with me! Write Au’Some, Inc., 2031 Route 130, Ste. E., Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852, USA. Tell them that you want more for your children and they should, too!
Betty is distributed by Au’some, Inc. A King Features Syndicate, Inc./Fleischer Studios, Inc. ™ Hearst Holdings, Inc./Fleisher Studios, Inc. product.

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