Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

What Is Your Stay Fat Strategy? (Yes, you have one!)

couldn’t – shouldn’t – had to – tried to – failed
I was on the phone with one of my star permanent fat removal (a.k.a. weight loss) clients.
Jo was pretty much in the dumps, feeling defeated, telling me how she couldn’t resist this or that … how she had to get in her car and head straight to the closest supermarket and buy stuff that she shouldn’t … she said she was trying really hard. And finally she indicated that she pretty much felt like a failure. “Why can’t I lose weight? I really want to.”
Today’s TASTY TOPIC is for all who have ever felt like the above on one occasion or another or fear that this place of “couldn’t – shouldn’t – had to – tried to – failedcould be looming in your future.
I listened to what Jo had to say and then it hit me, like a ton of brick walls. Jo is a major success!
I said, “Jo – you know you really are a major success.”
“HUH?” she replied.
“That’s right. You are quite successful at NOT losing weight. I’m not sure if you aware of it or not, but you have put a brilliant strategy in place.”
Another “Huh?” …
“We all have our strategies to navigate our worlds. Most of these strategies were formed long ago, and operate on an unconscious level, but nevertheless, we have figured out a well-formed strategy for everything, including NOT losing weight.”
A simple strategy would be your morning wake-up, get dressed and get to work (reasonably) on time plan. I’ve worked out strategies that relate to my hair (how to keep it curly and high so I look like Cher in the movie, Moonstruck); how to get my husband to take out the garbage without me asking. (I tie-up the plastic bags and hang them on the front doorknob of our apartment. He automatically grabs the bag on his way out and dumps it in the avac room.)
Most of these strategies are things I’ve worked out and stored in my mind. I’m on auto-pilot when it comes to my hair!
Your strategy is your plan, your approach, your plot!
And the plot thickens!
I asked Jo to make a fun list (fun being a part of the plan; strategy to catapult her out of the “I can’t” rut) of her Top Ten Strategies for Not Losing Weight. Jo laughed. Her energy shifted dramatically. We agreed that she would send me the list within 24 hours, but she was so into it, she wrote out the following for me within 10 minutes. Jo got it!
Here’s Jo’s unedited and unabridged list … just as she wrote it.



1. Beat yourself up…daily or even more often….
2. Hate fat and fat people and make every effort to dislike yourself. Call yourself names…such as you fat pig…or oinker…..this goes along with method #1….beating yourself up.
3. Sit around a lot playing computer games…such as scrabble or casino games while thinking about what constructive things you should be doing…have snacks while doing this to maximize the results.
4. Make lots of lists of things to do…diets to follow, exercises to do …then sit back confident that you’ve done the right thing. Kick back and reward yourself with some tv watching or more computer games.
5. Buy only low calorie foods…such as sugar free ice cream and 100 calorie packs of cookies or chips or candy…then eat it all, secure in the knowledge that it’s lo-cal and can’t be that bad for you.
6. Go shopping…preferably before lunch or dinner when you’re at your hungriest, to buy the one or two things you need…then browse through the store, picking up cake, ice cream, sour dough bread, peanut butter and other necessities…then go home and eat what you bought…but be sure and throw any leftovers away so you can start out your diet fresh in the morning.
7. Use food as entertainment…take yourself out to lunch at a Mexican restaurant …preferably one with huge baskets of chips as appetizers…take a good book along and relax and eat and read and eat and read…..what fun.
8. Tell yourself that you absolutely HAVE to go on a diet…stay on a diet…then rebel and eat whatever you want.
9. Have convenient lapses of memory…forgetting that you’re supposed to be eating right …and pig out…before remembering your eating plan. Start again tomorrow.
10. Cut your exercise times short…maybe just do 15 minutes on the treadmill or bike…thinking that you certainly don’t want to injure yourself. Skip a couple of the weight machines at the gym because someone is already on them…and you certainly don’t want to sit there and wait till they’re done.

Now there’s some food for thought.

This is an opportunity to look at this process form an entirely different place; to have fun and realize how talented you truly are.
Your Mind-Twisting New Point of View: I am a brilliant strategist.
Join the Kick in the Tush Club community. Discuss your stay fat strategy!

  • stargirl

    One of the biggest obstacles I put out there for myself is not preparing ahead of time! I mean, please…I know I’m going to EAT, right?? Sooo…instead of planning ahead of time to make and have the 0 point veggie stew, the brown rice, fresh fruit, yogurt, poached chicken, etc on hand…I “wing it”. Never a good result *sigh*. Always SO much better if I just spend that small amount of time preparing and getting ready for the week!! Having a good week this week :-) Have that veggie stew and roasted chicken in the fridge, and a freezer full of veggies…YUM!!

  • Cathy A

    My stay fat strategy is believing that because I exercise that means I do not have to pay attention to what or how much I eat- deep down I know that is not true but I let that belief sneak in way more often than not.

  • Laura

    Once I fall off the weightloss horse I have a hard time getting back on … even after many healthy changes in my life I need to work really hard to battle the all or nothing mentality. I’m currently in the mode of non-diet and I’m trying to get my head around not eating everything in site before I start to “be good” again. It’s very hard to strike a balance … and man can we do a lot of damage with this negative thinking.

  • nancy alves

    I decided to give up my favorite things in life, chocolate, portugeese bread, and non-alcoholic beer,(i just love the taste, but it’s still
    FATTENING!),after I started seeing a younger man. Well I lost weight,
    of course, but the younger man broke it off with me because I had issues,
    (whatever, his loss) so the night he told me it was over I ate the biggest piece of chocolate cake with hazelnut icing, that I ever had in my life, and I didn’t feel guilty. The cake made me feel better than he ever did!

  • Sara

    I have recommended this article to my friends at We BBW BHM are very proud of our size. I have known many plus sized people at this site, where you can find many Sexy, Curvy, Classy Women, open minded plus couples, hot big guys, also nice fat admirers, even some celebs.

  • Marianne Drusano

    I have to stop rewarding myself with food. For example, I am deep cleaning my study right now. I’m getting rid of papers, binders, books, and I’m doing a lot of shredding. It’s no small task and it’s been something I’ve been procrastinating doing for a long time. When I take a break I have to keep reminding myself that I cannot come out in the kitchen and reward myself with a cookie or a piece of chocolate. It’s very tempting, though. Sitting and shredding papers can’t be burning lots of calories! Today I really thought about what I have been doing as a reward and I think I can stop! Food, glorious food!!!

  • Nicole

    To become a thin person, you need to determine what thin people do, how they spend their free time, how and what they eat and how often… and then you need to become that person. I think of a quote I read recently by someone with 10% body fat: “I didn’t wake up liking spinach more than I like peanut butter cookies, I promise. I had to act like a person with 10% body fat to become a person with 10% bodyfat.”
    Go ask your aerobics instructor what her diet is like, and how she spends her weekends. Ask anyone you see at the gym who has a physique you admire — more likely than not, she will be happy to share with you her regimen. If you start eating lean protein and veggies every 3-4 hours a day, kick all the junk food out of the house, and spend your free time walking the dog or going rollerblading or playing with your kids outside, it won’t be too long before you start to look like the thin, active person you will have become.

  • Your Name

    It’s very difficult to stay “good” all the time. I can be really good but eventually I look at myself, constantly counting calories, etc. and ask myself “is this really living?” So I go on “vacation” for awhile. After I’ve put on about 5 – 15 pounds and all my jeans are too tight, I know it’s time to start watching it again.
    When you think about it those people who are really obese, compulsive eaters must spend alot of money on food and new clothes every time they go up a size. I try to watch my spending–be really tight with the dollar also. This way when I’m in a what the heck mood about food, I think about the money I’m saving and vice versa.

  • Your Name

    Being good to yourself,dosen’t mean pigging out,it means eating what is good for you, and a LITTLE of the no no foods, if there is such a thing. Realizing that all food is good but all in limitation.You want the cookie or a few potato chips,have them but then be willing to walk that extra mile if necessary. God gave us all a brain and and like Jesus said, it is not what we put in our mouth that defiles us, but what comes out of our mouths(hearts)that does.Once you realize what trounles you you will be able to look at food with a clear eye,and give it the importance that it deserves, nutritional and filling,both emotionally and phisically. Haave a blessed day.
    ( I am not a thin person yet(40 lb off/ 20 to go),but I am on my way, by simply following this advice)

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