Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

The Ten Commandments of Permanent Fat Removal

<img alt="10CommandFRONT%20666.jpg" src="" width="192" height="288" style="float:left;margin:5px;"
1. Thou shalt honor and believe in thyself.
2. Thou shalt move thy booty. Move it and move it some more.
3. Thou shalt never go hungry again. Eat small meals and healthy snacks throughout the day.
4. Thou shalt stock the fridge with the right stuff – the fruits and vegetables of the earth, the melba toast of men who walked before us.
5. Thou shalt honestly write it down. If you bite it, you must write it.
6. Thou shalt weigh and measure thyself and thy food.
7. Thou shalt drink enough Holy Water to frighten Noah and map out all the restrooms in thy village.
8. Thou shalt not deny thyself a treat or two now and then.
9. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s plate.
10. Thou shalt not eat out of misery, boredom, anxiety … but should they over-indulge, forgive thyself immediately. All Is Forgiven, Move On!
Our Lady of Weight Loss’s Ten Commandments of Permanent Fat Removal was featured on Good Morning America, ABC-TV and is one of OLofWL’s most popular creations!

  • kate

    wonderful! thank you :-)

  • Stacey

    I’m going to print this out and post it prominently on my fridge. Thanks for sharing, this is awesome!

  • carla

    That is just quirky enough with the right amount of “common sense” to work for me. Thank you :)

  • WordGirl

    So someone thought your blogger name blasphemous and after being flabbergasted and dismayed, you chose to post a photo quite analougous to the Virgin and Child But with weightloss scales for a halo . . . Hmmm?
    Just wondering what *that’s* all about?
    Here’s a definition. blasphemous: Impiously irreverent.
    The reason some Catholics would be somewhat upset is due to the visions of Fatima. It’s not personally directed at you or your lovely column. Just at the images in correlation with the messages (to not blaspheme the Mother of God. [It is a religious blog after all. And we need to respect each other’s religions.] Just something to chew on :l)

  • WordGirl

    Correction. I should’ve said it’s a religious website. Not blog.

  • Sue

    I think you are still not getting it. Janice did not post a
    “photo quite analougous to the Virgin and Child But with weightloss scales for a halo”
    to challenge anyone. This is a part of her whole weight loss experience that she is trying to share with everyone. I think you, like “incognito” who referred to all of this as “blasphemous” have not done your homework to understand what this particular blog is about, not to mention what Janice is about.
    Also, if you read the comments made after the “blasphemous” comment, you too might see how this is not disrespectful of anyone’s beliefs in any way, nor is Janice’s artwork.

  • Sue

    By the way, the famous “Blasphemous” comment string is in the Tuesday, March 4th blog.

  • Blake Hayner

    Sounds like a philosophy change. Not something you can just do. Living with good food is a life change. I can’t have the bad with the good, it doesn’t work that way. No dairy, no white flour, no white sugar,no white rice, no red meat, no fried food, no process foods, no fast food. Plenty of vegatables,beans,seeds,whole grains,fish,chicken, sprouts,seaweed, Brown rice,soy products. Boring Huh! If I cheat I pay for the joy as the Chinese say. Oh! The religous connotation. Get off the cross we need the wood.

  • ladybug

    God wants us to worship our bodies and keep as a temple. After all, gluttony is a sin.
    He works in mysterious ways to guide us.
    God created humor. He (and his direct descendents) has a humor. I think that He and Mary are having a good chuckle about this and about our responses. He wants us to use humor as a means to meet HIS will for us. He knows that it is harder to be His servants if we are not obeying his commands for our human forms.
    This is not impiously irreverent.
    A Sunny Catholic in the South

  • Spirit full

    I loved this comment! No rules equal no substance, so why fight truth? When the Lord first created the earth, it was void or empty ( check your bible ). He filled the earth with good things for us to eat. We need a format ( rules, guidelines… for you hard-headed ) for eating as we need the commandments. These commandments are not only helpful but easy to apply individually to our personal food likes and dislikes. They are quite humorous!

  • Nancy

    I find it interesting that when someone makes a comment online, everyone is quick to pass judgment on that person. This is not a professional prescription, a scientific study, or an ordained minister’s sermon – this is a CONVERSATION. In most conversations, people say things that are erroneous, deliberately misleading, and just plain poorly said or interpretted by the other parties to the conversation. Can’t we just cut each other a little slack here and accept that something that may offend of upset one individual or a group is NOT necessarily intended to do so and often times when you dissect what was actually said or done, someone somewhere misread it, misinterpretted it, or mis”spoke” when they typed it out. Our Internet allows us to say and do things in relative anonymity and to post them without fully realizing the impact they make. I doubt anyone was being blasphemous or sacreligious but was more likely to have been the victim of misunderstandings of one sort or another.
    Just a thought.

  • Anonymous


  • Cristina

    Pray for me!

  • Keena Canada

    For me, exercise is still the best belly fat reduction. :)

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