Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Guilt a.k.a. Dieter’s Shame

Guilt is an emotional experience that occurs when a person believes that he or she has violated a moral standard.
Oh MY! ALL I did was have a little piece of cake!
Guilt a.k.a. Dieter’s Shame is the lack of ability to forgive oneself for an alleged wrongdoing.
You have done something (perhaps you ate the entire bag of chips before you even got to the check-out counter), thought something (you want chocolate more than anything and will do anything – even drive 50 miles if you have to – to get your hands on a bar, especially dark chocolate), or felt something (you feel sad and lonely now that Betty Crocker no longer lives with you) . . .that you believe to be ‘bad.’
These alleged crimes and misdemeanors have a mysterious hold on you (me, too, by the way). We are swimming in guilt (backstroke, anyone?), because we cannot forgive ourselves.
Are you ready to let go of the suffering?
Here’s some food for thought (calorie-free, fat-free, carb-free – no need to feel guilty-free) about guilt.


Guilt can overwhelm us and block the rest of our emotions. In other words, you can become so consumed with feeling guilty that you are unable to fully feel joyful or fully feel dreadful!
When you are feeling guilty, you may not be able to sort out your feelings, which can lead to impulsive decisions and behaviors.
Or!!!!! On the positive side of the coin, you could use your feelings of guilt as a motivator for change. You could become so uncomfortable with the discomfort it brings that you are willing to make positive or useful changes.
And that’s when Our Lady of Weight Loss comes into your picture.
Confess your dietary transgressions. Move on. You never again need to berate, beat up, dump on, dislike, criticize, be angry with, pass judgment on yourself ever again!
All Is Forgiven. Move On!
New Point of View: I no longer need to carry this guilt around with me. What a load off! I can send Our Lady of Weight Loss my guilty confessions and receive forgiveness from her, yes, but more importantly from myself. Woo Hoo!
Mantra: All Is Forgiven, Move On!

  • Maria Champine

    Unsubscribe me to this mailing. My religion has been scorned by this article, and perhaps MS. Taylor believes that this is politically correct–I DO NOT!

  • Phyllis Sullivan

    Hi, I agree with the first letter. Nobody can forgive you for anything except Jesus Christ. Sure you can play games asking that a nobody to forgive us for eating but she is nothing and has no power of God to forgive. You just have to be wise and when it finally clicks in your head you want to lose weight you can . I have lost 35lbs. recently with a piece of cake or donut once in a while but get right back on the wagon. I don’t want to be canceled, I do like the inspiration quote every day but do not beiev in all that new age crap. Sincerely, Phyllis

  • lokywoky

    Oh for crying out loud. Lighten up!
    You two are poster children for what is wrong with this country – someone makes a facetious suggestion and you get all huffy and offendd and ‘cancel me’ and all.
    “New Age Crap”
    I like it a lot better than your Dark Ages trope!

  • ellen kanar

    How does a comment about Jesus translate into “dark ages trope”? Doesn’t Oprah, Maury, and all the rest of them, every once in a while, feature stories about people who have had near-death experiences and tell of a white light they saw, or whatever, and they say they took it to be Jesus? How is contemporary stuff like that the dark ages?no one has definitively proven which religion,if any, is the “right” one, but I use anything from any religion that I think is worthwhile for my spiritual practice, although I am one of those who have had experiences with what I call God, and I do believe it to be Jesus. Why characterize Jesus as being the church, and make their mistakes His? Don’t you realize He disapproves of MANY things the church has done in His name, and without His influence and teachings permeating our American culture, you would not even know that these things are to be disapproved of? Should ANYBODY, or any group, be disliked and vilified because of the past mistakes they’ve made? If so, then let’s do away with every government on earth, every religion on earth, probably every charity, and let’s do away with YOU. (and me!) You know perfectly well, honey, that if you’re over the age of, say, 18, you’ve made some mistakes you really don’t want your mother and father finding out about.Yes, the dark ages were an unfortunate period in the church’s history, that’s true. But where did you ever hear of JESUS advocating such acts? Did He ever say, go out and conquer the world with the sword? NO He said conquer with LOVE. Turn the other cheek, He said. How is the gospel, read exactly as it’s written, turn into something objectionable to ANYBODY except maybe hardened criminals?

  • Your Name

    Wow! Who knew anybody would pick up on my comments when I don’t even think I understood the question? I just don’t really like people trashing God when they haven’t given it any serious thought. There’s not much to be said for knee-jerk predjudice, in my opinion. I had enough of that when I was growing up, from my mother and father who were both dyed-in-the-wool atheists. However, I don’t really object to making some religious beliefs into comedy. I do understand that there have been troubles with some religious things that haven’t proven the test of time. And it does need to be brought up and discussed, not swept under the rug. However, this book has to be pretty offensive to Catholics.By the way: the message of the Gospels is to repent of your sins, and come to Jesus to be washed clean of your sin, not to wallow in guilt. The Bible does not actually contradict science, I don’t believe, and has religion always bee dysfunctional? It wasn’t for my grandparents or great-grandparents, and it surely isn’t for me!

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