On the Doorposts of My House

On the Doorposts of My House

NC Amendment 1 —

In the past twenty-four hours, the North Carolina House and Senate have passed Amendment 1, which will go to the vote in 2012. This amendment, called (by some) the Anti-LGBT Marriage Amendment, damages more than just the LGBTQ people living in North Carolina. Not only does this amendment bar same sex marriages, but it also prohibits the recognition of any sort of domestic legal union outside of the bonds of heterosexual marriage. It has the potential to impact domestic violence protection for unmarried couples, child custody and visitation, end-of-life directives, and domestic partnership benefits for public employees.

I didn’t really think it would pass the House vote last night. I certainly didn’t think it would pass the Senate vote today. I just kept thinking to myself – we will not take this step. We will not begin again the process of stripping people of their rights. Not just LGBTQ people. Everyone.


I don’t know if I am stupid or just naïve but I didn’t really think it would happen. I believe in a different world, one ruled by hesed –a Hebrew word that encompasses love, mercy, race, and compassion all in one. It’s a difficult love that surpasses just those we know. It’s a love that clothes Adam and Eve, despite the hurt God must have been feeling at their betrayal. It’s a love that reaches out to help abusers as much as it helps the abused. It’s a causeless love that means even strangers are encompassed into our care and mercy. After all, Torah makes clear that God loves the stranger, the foreigner, the newcomer (Deuteronomy 10). We, in the image of God, are called to do the same.

I am appalled by this bill. It does not live into the loving kindness that I believe God expects of us.


But I am appalled by something else as well. I’ve been reading some of the blog comments about the bill. I’ve been watching what people on Facebook have been saying. Here are some of the ones that really stand out:


“I hope all the people who voted yes are prepared to take fans to Hell with them.”

“You will die and go down as evil men supporting an evil bill.”

“Satan is waiting for you.”


Don’t get me wrong. I pray that this bill fails in the 2012 vote. I pray that every person in North Carolina fights to make sure that this bill passes into history as nothing more than a temporary bit of insanity. We must fight it.

But we cannot fight it with curses, insults, and the use of religion as a weapon. We must not fight with these tools. We are fighting for the right to love, to love openly and with commitment and with dignity. What does our fight mean if we use weapons that are dirty, degrading, and hate-filled? If we believe in a world filled with the spirit of God, if we believe in a world in which loving, compassionate, merciful kindness can rule, then must not love, compassion, and kindness be the arsenal with which we fight?


I beg you – fight this amendment. Vote. Talk about it. Do everything you can to make sure that we do not allow basic human rights and dignities to be stripped. But remember, we are called to love. We are called not only to love those who agree with us, because that is just so so easy, but to love those with whom we disagree in the most fundamental ways. That is the hard work of God, and it’s the work that will bring the love we are fighting for to life.

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posted February 22, 2012 at 10:59 pm

Dear author, while God certainly loved Adam and Eve, he did not love their sin. Although He did clothe them out of compassion, he also kicked them out of Paradise. For good. No ‘I’m sorry’ would bring them back, either. Tough break for simply wanting to do their own thing for dinner that day.

While the homosexual and cohabitating demographics may want the same rights that heterosexual couples may have, they are not doing the same thing as married couples. They are not putting their desires aside for the other person enough to commit to them for life (for the cohabitating crowd) or they have not put their sexual proclivity or inclinations aside for the path that is actually designed for them (the homosexual group). Heterosexual, married couples make the commitment to their partner of monogamy for life (which ensures the health of the children and of the greater community). This group, by marrying heterosexually, also commits to walk uprightly in the eyes of our Lord. I speak from experience when I say for as tough as this type of marriage can be, I’ll take some tax breaks and employment perks any time!

As long as people are following their sexual fantasies and not the authority of the Lord, there will be problems.

Sexual perversion can come in many forms; we wouldn’t ever pass a bill that stated that man and beast can marry, or that incestual unions should have workplace benefits.

To answer the civil liberties argument, while there have been some horribly racist issues in the past, being black is not a sexual perversion. It’s not a perversion at all, though at times the LGBTQ crowd tries to label it as such. It is a card out of a deck of hundreds that each of us equally hold. Just because we have had some racists try to hold back African Americans, this sad part of our history doesn’t act as a precedence to the homosexual rights movement.

I would never vote to allow rights to people arguing for their sexual perversion. If you are living a gay lifestyle, I am sure that you are a smart, funny, caring, warm and successful person. But just like people who engage in incest justify their actions to themselves, so can we all. If we are engaged in anything but the sexual design for our bodies and procreation of our own kind, we are ultimately just pleasing ourselves.

I am a heterosexual, married 31-year-old gal. I have had a very strong homosexual inclination all of my life (or as long as I can remember). I knew that this is not the design intended by God, though, and I wanted to keep it a secret for a reason–because I knew that it was wrong. I finally asked the Lord to take the desire away from me, because it was becoming a problem. I no longer am tempted daily to engage in homosexual actions and can give 100% of myself to my hunky husband.

I like to be obedient to God and Earthly authority. If I disobey God’s authority, I am walking in sin. None of us is immune to temptation of sin or to sin itself. How we vote, however, tells others what to accept as right. Let us teach our children well by walking as uprightly as we can, and letting God do the rest.

So back in Paradise, what was the big deal, then? Can’t Eve go out for a meal every once in a while? The question is actually one of obedience. Would Eve obey Adam? Would Adam obey God? It is because they both chose to disobey that they got evicted into the desert. God cares about if we are going to obey him just like we care if our children obey us. It is for their own good that they obey us. That is God’s design. When we have people who are disobeying, then they are ultimately harming themselves, though at the time they just want to ‘do what they want to do.’

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Sharon Webb, Author

posted February 8, 2012 at 5:52 pm

Imagine what kind of wonderful world it would be if everyone would just accept everyone else, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or whatever. What would happen if we could just learn to love unconditionally and not stand in judgement on those who happen to not fit into our mold of what is right or wrong?

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posted September 28, 2011 at 7:09 pm

I sincerely hope the voters of North Carolina realize that this “Amendment” is nothing but hidden discrimination and legal bullying and remember all of those in the past that have been discriminated upon. Throughout history it has been color, sex, race, religion, and now sexual orientation. We pray the voters of North Carolina understand this better than those that have been elected to represent their voice and also remember those who allowed it to come to this come re-election time.

This “Amendment” would reinforce to those people that they are right in bullying those that do not feel the way they feel. That it is OK to continue to harass people to the point where they take their own lives like hundreds of young people have and Jamey Rodemeyer recently did.

Make your voice heard, not through violent comments or actions, but through love and intelligence when you step into the polls and vote NO to this “amendment.”

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posted September 19, 2011 at 1:32 am

YOU are absolutely correct in your representation here and I agree with YOU fully.

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posted September 14, 2011 at 6:13 pm

I hope that the fiery negativity on Facebook and elsewhere are simply the first strong reactions brought by the shock of seeing this horrible bill come to life, and will (sooner than later) simmer down into a sensible resolve to work hard to ensure the amendment does not pass.

Thank you for your rational and loving

(PS — I’m in love with Judas, too)

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