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My friend works for an Art PR firm, so she does things like promote up and coming museums and exhibitions. She is savvy and completely up to date on all the goings on in the art world. Recently, she was […]

Hey everyone, Some news to report… Last year, I had the fortunate opportunity to do a 4 month internship at my favorite organization, Democracy Now! DN! is an extraordinary example of independent media — it is a daily radio and […]

Hey everyone, These made me laugh, so I thought I would share them… Kids are cool. Love, cassmaster P

cassmaster P muses… Leisure vs. Contemplation… Coupled vs. Alone… (Yes, I do realize the polarized nature of this post… please indulge me anyway) I went to Cape Cod for 10 days last week on a real, legitimate VACATION. My first […]

Hi there. Life is so weird, so unpredictable. Right? I just spent the last 24 hours basically living at Bellvue hospital because one of my friends got hit by a car. She is in a coma. I just sit beside […]

cassmaster P says: I have never liked playing Scrabble. Recently, someone I care about asked, “But why do you hate it so much? You should like it, you’re a writer.” And I couldn’t articulate exactly what it is about the […]

Hey Everyone… I just saw this amazing movie/documentary called “The Dhamma Brothers”. It is the story of the Alabam prison system introducing intensive Vipassana meditation retreats into their prisoner treatment programs. I had seen “Doing Time, Doing Vipassana” which is […]

I’m sorry… I simply could not resist. Love, Cassmaster

This is a succinct and thoughtful essay about the Spitzer debacle by Martha Nussbaum of the University of Chicago Law School. (University of Chicago Philosopher MARTHA NUSSBAUM on the Spitzer Resignation, from the Atlanta Journal Constitution…) Trading on America’s puritanical […]

Good morning everyone. I am sorry that I have been so AWOL from the blogosphere…. circumstances in my life have been cRaZy as of late. So this morning, I just want to pass along a link to an interview between […]