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by Ethan Nichtern On November 6 & 7, the Buddhist-inspired Interdependence Project (which creates this blog for your education and/or amusement) will be hosting our largest fundraiser and event to date in the form of a 24- hour Meditation Marathon […]

by Evelyn Cash I was voted “most competitive” in my high school senior yearbook. I would get a 95% on a physics test and be happy with it until I saw that a friend of mine got a 97%. I […]

by Lodro Rinzler Before Siddhartha Gautama attained enlightenment at age 35 he was a confused twenty and thirty-something looking to learn how to live a spiritual life. He had an overbearing dad, expectations for what he was supposed to do […]

Michelle Provenzano is a New York-based artist and I.D. Project regular who is often inspired to create drawings as part of her engagement with the Heartcore Dharma series. Here is a drawing inspired by Monday’s discussion on The Three Disciplines. 

Remember that awesome Loverboy song, “Working for the Weekend”? Let me refresh your memory. I’m sure it’ll brighten your day: Not bad, right? I hope you’re still with me and didn’t run out to get a perm and a headband.

By Melissa Kirsch I recently developed a mild but irksome case of writer’s block. I dreamed someone important in my career had built me a tightrope.  I like when dreams are so explicit as to require a minimum of parsing: […]

by Jerry Kolber. Jerry is a media obsessed Buddhist televison producer in New York City. follow him at – or on Twitteleh. Before we get to Twitteleh, some thoughts about reality television.  When I heard about balloon boy flying […]

by Paul Griffin In Buddhism, the three avenues to understanding are study, reflection, and meditation.  To study is to listen to the teachings and to read the texts.  To reflect is to think about the material and to make it […]

By Kirsten Firminger October 24, 2009 is the International Day of Climate Action. It is a global call to action to put our world on course to get back to 350 ppm. states that “350 parts per million is […]

“It is useless to try to willfully change ourselves. We are much too entrenched in our own habitual patterns and in maintaining physical and psychological survival. In fact, sometimes the more we focus on trying to change ourselves, the more […]