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hubby_hubby.jpgIn honor of the passage of Vermont’s same-sex marriage law, Ben & Jerry’s has announced that for 30 days (only in Vermont), “Chubby Hubby” ice cream will be sold as “Hubby Hubby.” Stephen Colbert‘s Americone Dream could not be reached for comment, but rumors are that the caramel-and-waffley-chocolate-bits-flavor called the announcement a cheap publicity stunt in private.

Cherry Garcia – easily the most Buddhist of all Ben & Jerry’s flavors – praised the move as demonstrating compassion for all sentient beings.

Of course, here at the One City Blog we had a long, winding, and crazy discussion thread about whether or not gays Buddhists
are cool. As one commenter put it accurately, there is not any official
position on homosexuality and Buddhism, either historically or
ethically. However, as a practitioner and teacher of Buddhist meditation,
I want to stop joking and be clear that the VAST majority of Buddhist
teachers and community one can study with nowadays are completely accepting of
queer practitioners. I also want to be clear, (since Tibetan Buddhism
was called out specifically using an old quote by the Dalai Lama), that
most Tibetan Buddhist teachers in the western world welcome homosexual
members into the community. And I also want to say that Buddhists ought
to support gay marriage (take a stand, come on), if only because we
have the ability to actually mindfully read the Constitution of the United States.

And no, I am not going to marry a Chunky Monkey if gay marriage becomes legal everywhere. Now pass the Cookies and Cream.

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