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Did you know that: Online Dating may make people feel overwhelmed by too many options?  and Exercise provides stress relief?andKids like their dad’s aroundandStudents benefit from tutoring?and Soda is bad for you?andSo it smoking?andToo much porn? Did you know that? […]

A big ole group of high New Jersey officials, including Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano were arrested this morning, for charges including corruption and money laundering.

Jon Stewart gave it to the Birthers’ Movement last night. Can we focus on something more important? And I’m not talking about today’s focus on President Obama’s Gates commentary last night. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs […]

This is another post by Sharon Salzberg for the One City Blog. Sharon is one of three Buddhist lineage mentors for the Interdependence Project. She is also one of the foremost (and most awesome) Buddhist meditation teachers in America. She […]

My post Freedom From Religion: Buddhism Wins Best Religion in the World Award last week set off quite a stir around these here ‘nets. Over at Paramita they offer to send an 11 month old girl to pick up the […]

I ran into this courtesy of the unconsumption blog. It is a video called La Victoire sur les Sachets, or victory on the plastics bags. It is a short film of an African community where plastic bags are transformed from […]

I’ve always had this problem called being an overachiever. I frequently have unrealistic expectations of myself, and mentally beat myself up when I fall short of these ideals. So when I first started becoming interested in Buddhism I said to […]

I love Adam Yauch! But the winds of impermanence blow cold this July day.Adam “MCA” Yauch, leader of the Beastie Boys and practicing Tibetan buddhist, has cancer — a salivary gland tumor, apparently not life-threatening — and the Beasties are […]

Republicans “Bombed” Google so that a top search result for worst failure ever would lead to the Obama administration site. When it comes to translation of Buddhist terms and ideas, I can think of an even more massive fail. I […]

While studying Buddhism and practicing meditation feel rather natural to me, integrating a yoga practice continues to be a struggle. Living in New York, there are a dizzying number of options when it comes to selecting a yoga class and, […]