One City

Today at the gym, riding an indoor bike in a glass enclosed room inside the place. Since this weekend’s retreat, been trying to maintain the gap between habitual conditioned response and actual reality. Not easy. 

This lady comes in to clean the windows of this glass box. She starts spraying and squeegeeing,  I keep pedalling and thinking.  Thoughtstream: what a crappy job. I wonder what she gets paid? I hope I never have to do that as a job.  I wonder if she has kids. I wonder where she’s from, what she’s thinking. I admire her fierceness for wearing big gold hoop earrings even though she is doing cleaning stuff.  Then, I remember to stop. And then….

And suddenly the thought enters my head, more of a feeling really, expressed as words.  
I become grateful 
that I have this opportunity 
to watch the universe 
cleaning its own windows.
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