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There is a major piece in this month’s Atlantic Monthly on politics and our economic meltdown, available here. It’s been getting a lot of attention, as the author is a very credible voice with alarming insights. Here’s the lede: The […]

I started reading this book, The Couch and the Tree: Dialogues in Psychoanalysis and Buddhism, edited by Anthony Molino. It is a compilation of essays, the first of which is titled “Psychology in Primitive Buddhism,” by Joe Tom Sun, published […]

Facebook, twitter, internet radio – I love all that stuff. The interconnectedness, the interdependence: I find myself fascinated by how these online communities grow and change, both in themselves and how they change us. I’m not the only one of […]

In my continuing project to identify instances of honest Buddhist thought appearing in Western culture, I would like to discuss the writer Lydia Davis today. Davis is a short story writer whose work blends poetry, philosophy and fiction. Many of […]

This week on the podcast is part 2 of a great guest lecture by Purna Steinitz titled “Crushed by Love”.  Purna leads us through his process of “studying untruth” in our relationships and the practice of turning every poison on […]

I have a lump in my throat.  Like one gets when Dumbo visits his mom in elephant jail.*  My lump decided to visit my throat a week and a half ago and, except for a few hours of respite here […]

Jerry Kolber’s post below jives perfectly (is it blogdipity??) with my recent thoughts on a quote from one of Ian McEwan’s books about the meditative experience of writing. I wondered if writing or painting or composing or are direct routes to a […]

I came across a photo project by Michael Wolf, in which he photographs 100 of the residents of Hong Kong’s oldest public housing project in their apartments. Each apartment is 10 X 10, so it’s 100 people by 100 square […]

Growing up on the shores of Lake Michigan, I am a water person. So, it is helpful to me to think about my breath as similar to waves on the shore. Just as the waves are only the tip of […]

This was sent around on the Shambhala listserv. I liked it, so I’m passing it along. (Note: the 12 Nid?nas are traditionally described as a process that spans three lifetimes or more. The Abhidharma-ko?a of Vasubandhu describes a scheme whereby […]