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Sometimes I get upset when things are new or different. I look like this when I get upset… When I feel upset I can say, “I need a break.” When I take a break I need to be calm. I […]

This week’s image comes to us from Mark Rifkin. “Takashi Murakami’s “Oval Buddha” presided over the 590 Atrium (at Madison and 56th Sts.) in conjunction with last year’s “© Murakami” exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. The other side of his […]

You mind if I get a bit personal this week? I don’t know how to talk about Buddhist precepts and practice without it, so I’m gonna. For me, the last year and a half have been, well, hard. It’s been […]

It is so silly to talk about emptiness. It’s totally irrelevant. Emptiness is not this, not that. (And both not this and not that, and neither not this nor not that.) Really, what was I thinking when I decided to […]

” A monk … understands the eye, he understands forms, and he understands the fetter that arises dependent on both. And he also understands how the unarisen fetter arises, how the arisen fetter is abandoned, and how the abandoned fetter […]

A little Friday encouragement for all us would-be activists out there: “It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do a little.” — Author Sydney Smith, qtd in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch last week

All, Dr. Neale’s great lecture on the psychodynamics of meditation is up on the Interdependence Project Podcast at this link. Also, if you like what we do in terms of blog, podcast, integral activism,  spreading mindful community, etc, would you […]

Last week’s Hardcore Dharma’s early sutta readings about relinquishing desire to attain enlightenment weren’t my favorites.  The idea of not wanting filled me with dread.  The thought that the enlightened response to the loss of a loved one would be […]

My sister was on spring break this week and in New York for a couple of days to hang out with her older brother and get a glimpse of my decadent, rococo-esque blogger’s lifestyle. We ate out, got fancy green […]

How to beat a dead horse. First, you must find a dead horse. Frequently these can be obtained at the end of horse races, or alternately by going out to pasture, where old horses are often put in later years. […]