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Last Saturday Hardcore Dharma wrapped up its study of Zen Mind: Beginners Mind by Shunryu Suzuki A contentious read!  Some folks loved its experiential wisdom (I certainly found reading the book to be a mindfulness practice in and of itself, requiring […]

According to journalists newspapers are dying. Now, many journalists work at newspapers, creating a potential conflict-of-interest, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt. Dailies in small cities are nearly disappeared and formerly great papers like the Baltimore […]

Two gems from our pop culture vaults that I’ve come across in my internet trawlings (thanks Paul R). Both make me think that either commercials were a lot more transparent in their intentions thirty years ago, or the American people […]

I am going to start out this post with some questions we ask ourselves: What is my intention? What is my behavior? What is my role in the problem/suffering? What is my attachment to the goal? How much do I […]

A couple of weeks ago the New York Times Magazine published a feature article about the emerging field of behavioral genetics. The following passages stood out to me:

Dr. Miles Neale, contemplative psychotherapist, visited the ID Project last Monday. He talked to us about the relationship between meditation and the psychoanalytic method of therapy, but one of the most interesting aspects of the evening for me was the […]

DL = the Dalai Lama, whose upcoming visit to NYC does seem to be a bit on the downlow.  I’ve asked a bunch of young buddhists and other interested folks, and most have no idea he’s coming round again. He’ll […]

So it was a busy first week for the Obama administration. Some people on the left, like the ever Obama-phobic Paul Krugman as well as One City’s own Master of Dharmic Ceremonies GZA, think the economic stimulus package and President […]

This Photo was on the cover of the NYTimes this past Thursday morning. Photographer Doug Mills captured “a moment” of other people capturing “a moment”.  In doing so he helps us understand the means by which our collective consciousness is […]