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Like the last one, this one is Gap-Style cheesey, majorly cringe-inducing (more than the first), yet sorta catchy and somehow tugs at the heartstrings (less than the first). Maybe it’s just cuz I’m a triple cancer. But posts have been absent this week so here’s mine.

By the way, we are hosting a Texas vote-calling party via this Sunday in Williamsburg from 4-7pm. Online RSVPS are getting pretty full, but jump on in and come by. Do rsvp at this link por favor. At least a half dozen IDPers will be there. We’ll give you some drinks, then you call Texas and tell them to vote and caucus (they do both there) for the big O on Tuesday. You need a beer in you to talk to Texans (or juice or soda), which we will provide. If Obama wins Texas, which he’s close to doing, it’s over, unless Hillary holds all 800 superdelegates hostage and makes them watch Ellen Degeneres reruns over and over until they promise to ignore the will of the people and support her.

Now here’s the heart-string tuggin’, cringe-inducing new video from (since he’s doing such good political work now, I ought to refrain from this paranthetical aside where I remind everyone that Black Eyed Peas are possibly the biggest example of a once-talented-group-going-mainstream-cotton-candy-sugar-coated-fluff- sellouts in the history of Hip Hop Music — how do you go from “My Humps” to “Yes We Can“???? – cognitive dissonance much???– but i couldn’t refrain). Sorry. At least it was just a parenthetical.

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