On the Front Lines of the Culture Wars

On the Front Lines of the Culture Wars

CNN shocked to learn Air Force uses 10 Commandments, Golden Rule to teach ethics

In a breathless expose , CNN has revealed the shocking news that the U.S. Air Force has used the faith practiced by four out of five Americans to teach ethics to U.S. airmen.

That just can’t be allowed in CNN’s politically correct world.

“In a lesson designed to teach the Air Force’s core values to ROTC cadets, Christian beliefs such as the Ten Commandments, the Sermon on the Mount, and the Golden Rule are used as examples of ethical values, CNN has learned,” reports CNN reporter Jennifer Rizzo.

“Slides go on to explain what each of them are, for example listing 7 of the Ten Commandments,” continues Rizzo’s report.

CNN reported that an Air Force ROTC instructor whistleblower came forward with the slides to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, an atheist activist group, after seeing a CNN report last Wednesday on Christian biblical references and saints’ pictures included in ethics briefings for missile launch officers.


“I felt extremely uncomfortable briefing some of these slides, deleted them, and added what I felt were more relevant examples,” the instructor said in an email to Mikey Weinstein, the foundation’s president.

The instructor, who wishes to not be named due to fear of backlash from the military, claims the lesson was provided by the Air Education and Training Command (AETC), the same unit that oversees the training of the missile launch officers.

David Smith, a spokesman for the Air Force’s Air Education and Training Command, verified the ROTC ethics briefing and said a comprehensive review is underway “of training materials that address morals, ethics, core values and related character development issues to ensure appropriate and balanced use of all religious and secular source material.”

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Brian Westley

    “In a breathless expose , CNN has revealed the shocking news that the U.S. Air Force has used the faith practiced by four out of five Americans to teach ethics to U.S. airmen.”

    Apparently, this makes ignoring the constitution OK in your view.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Helen Navarro

    UNBELIEVABLE………I thought we had freedom of speech. Or is it just for cussing & trash talking! God will deal with these whistleblowers because they are stopping His good work to these people.
    God forgive them for they know not what they do.
    I happen to love CNN & watch it everyday.

  • http://weneedtokeepdoingthis Robert Sommer

    Good For The AIR FORCE hope they keep it up DONOT let the few tell you what to do that is what is wrong in our country few rule the many its not right We have already lost to much becouse of it

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Edward Molumby

    What is Ethics if there are no moral rules? I have yet to see moral rules of atheism or any other group. If there are no rules, then there are no morals. Therefore no Ethics, and we revert to “kill or be killed” which I believe to be ONE LARGE STEP (BACKWARDS) FOR MANKIND!!!

  • http://Weaareturningintoaathiestcountry Quentin Riha

    No wonder tyhis country is going to hell, with all these dam athiests trying to drive God from our world!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Tony

    Why does CNN call accounts of the Air force using Biblical truths when instructing Air Force launch Officers and Airmen, “shocking”? I have always followed CNN but after this, I think I’ll just turn the channel and look at something else. As a proud Air Force veteran, I see nothing wrong in teaching biblical scripture to officers and enlisted personnel. In fact, it’ll strengthen their moral fiber and make them more decent and forgiving, except to the enemies of our great country.

  • JD

    Actually, what’s more shocking is the Air Force doesn’t present the Ten Commandments or the Golden Rule as Christian; instead, that’s a motive inaccurately ascribed to the Air Force.

    Most people know the Ten Commandments are a part of Jewish law, and a half-dozen religions lay some claim to the Golden Rule (a point the slideshow makes).

    The only “shock,” though, is the “Christian” part — even where its not Christian.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Linda Nordeck

    Its discouraging to see Christian values denied its value not only for teaching ethics to military personnel but what’s next denying our service men and women who are Christians the right to practice their faith? The values taught in the ten commandments when practiced would reduce crime and benefit all segments of our society. Maybe an aetheist should try a Christian lifestyle before comdemning it as teaching tool May God be put first by our service members so that the phrase of In God we trust on our money will continue to mean something. God bless our Service men and women And I am a veteran so I know the sacrifices they and their families make

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment David

    I noticed that the instructor who came forward said that he replaced the slides with Biblical references with more relevant material. Who made him the official authority on this matter. If what he had the absolute truth, why be afraid to stand behind his convictions?

    My mind turns to the story in the Bible of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abedneggo. They were called before the authority of their time, King Nebuchadnezer, because their convictions. They were given every chance to recant their beliefs. Instead, they said to the king. “We will not swerve from the truth, because God can deliver us. Even if the Lord doesn’t we know He is able!”
    That is morals and ethics in action, it’s called faith. It is the foundation this country was formed up on. Tell me what is more relevant than this, to teach young women and men to have faith in something beyond what is seen and felt?

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Quint

    America keeps denying where its good values came from. If you just look back and study how your country was built, and on what kind of values the Constitution and its laws were built on, you could only conclude that the Lord God Almighty was at the very foundations and at the core of it. Out of the 56 or so people who wrote it down, only 3 or 4 were non-Christians. The very qualification of a civil servant then was very simple—God fearing. Where is America now with all its political correctness, atheism, or agnosticism? In the dumps! It will continue to go in that direction until its experiences nothingness, and realize that there is a God.

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