Om Sweet Om

I’d like to thank the The New York Times for continuing to fuel the relevancy of the Hindu American Foundation’s Take Back Yoga campaign.  The latest piece in the Times Magazine, “How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body” by William Broad, […]

I recently returned from an amazing five days in sunny Buenos Aires.  Both the city and its denizens are charming, warm, and welcoming.  As my husband and I strolled through the various neighborhoods, we found that Buenos Aires magically blended […]

The belief blog on CNN rang in the new year with 15 concise, faith-based predictions for 2012.  My prediction for Hindu Americans is #12 on the list:  Enjoy!

I never bought into the Lululemon fan club.  Granted, they do have some rather stylish workout and yoga attire.  But by the end of my seven mile run, hour training session, or 90 minute Ashtanga class, no amount of Lululemon […]

Just before Thanksgiving – and barely one year shy of its front page story on the Hindu American Foundation’s Take Back Yoga campaign – the New York Times ran a piece, “Yoga Addict’s New Mantra: ‘Mix it Up’” by Deborah Schoeneman, […]

Karma is a concept that has always fascinated me.  It’s complex, thought-provoking, and essential to Hinduism.   Yet it is a term that has been “dumbed” down over the years as it has entered everyday jargon.  And more recently, “karma, […]

Hindus around the world are in the midst of celebrating Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights.  I began receiving “Happy Diwali” emails and messages two days ago from friends and family members across the globe.  The message of […]

I’m a fan of Maureen Dowd’s column in the New York Times – her writing is pleasingly quirky and relevant.  Needless to say, I was intrigued when a friend forwarded her latest piece, which was provocatively titled “How Garbo Learned […]

Huffington Post has a fun 15 question Hinduism quiz online:  There are some great questions in it, so check it out.  I actually got the one on bindis wrong, but I take issue with their answer.  I’ll leave it at […]

Just recently, the Atlantic published some amazing photographs of Hindu festivals that demonstrate the colorfulness, diversity, and inclusiveness of Hinduism.  The pictures are stunning and have been taken not only in India, but also in England, Nepal, and Bali – […]