Om Sweet Om

I never bought into the Lululemon fan club.  Granted, they do have some rather stylish workout and yoga attire.  But by the end of my seven mile run, hour training session, or 90 minute Ashtanga class, no amount of Lululemon is going to make me look stylish.


Plus, something about $100 butt shaping yoga pants just didn’t seem to gel with my idea of yoga.  It just seemed counter-intuitive to be worried about the shape of my butt while practicing a Hindu practice aimed at calming the mind and preparing me for spiritual growth.  It’s already challenging enough to completely focus on my own breathing, concentration, and balance and not notice the girl next to me who effortlessly slips into Garbha Pindasana, while I struggle not to comically topple over and bruise myself.


Then I read about Lululemon’s seaweed cloth which turned out to be well, overpriced cotton when tested by the New York Times. As if those weren’t reasons enough for me to avoid entering the store, I just ran across this piece in the Huffington Post that provides more fodder to keep me out:
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