O Me of Little Faith

I’m not the world’s most knowledgeable soccer fan, but I played as a child and have played as an adult and get excited every time the World Cup rolls around. I’m hoping this will be a great tournament, and that the U.S. performs as well as we’re hoping they might.

I’m also an advertising guy. Before I wrote books, I created ads. Print, radio, television. And I can say without reservation that this ad from Nike — which must have been hugely expensive and is three minutes long — is one of the most awesome ads I’ve ever seen.

What a brilliant idea: soccer stars imagine how their lives might pan out due to the success or failure of split-second World Cup plays. And an even more impressive execution, including some split-second jokes (Rooney vs. Federer in tuxedoed ping-pong? Homer Simpson with “Ronal-doh!”) that fly by as fast as, well, the game itself. So good.

Enjoy the ad, which is titled “Write the Future.” 

And watch the game tomorrow. U.S. vs. England.

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