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You heard the Massachusetts story last week about Jesus Christ getting hit by a car, right? Turns out there’s a Belchertown resident — a dreadlocked, cross-dressing artist who had his name legally changed to “Lord Jesus Christ” — who was […]

“Eraser Heads” by David Heyward at Naked Pastor We often think of doubt and faith as opposites. Either you have one or the other. The presence of faith means you’ve victoriously shoved doubt aside. The presence of doubt means your […]

Hi. So this is my first official blog post here at Beliefnet after a few years blogging at my own site. Unless you followed me here from there (welcome, both of you!) then you likely have no idea who I […]

There’s an interesting little factoid in the endnotes section of Superfreakonomics. Which is saying something, because the whole book — as well as its predecessor, Freakonomics — is gloriously full of interesting little factoids. Anyway. In my childhood church environment, […]

My friend Matthew Paul Turner posted a review today of O Me of Little Faith, written by his friend Adam Ellis. (Disclaimer: I know Adam, too, having interviewed him for a Daily Beast article last summer.) In his review, Adam […]

One of the questions I get asked pretty frequently — especially with the release of a new book — is this one: What are you writing next? That question comes from fans, family members, agents, editors, and interviewers. Up to […]

I returned last night from a great week in New York City where I had the privilege of speaking to the communities at Apostles Church (Tuesday) and Marble Collegiate (Wednesday) about faith, doubt, and living with both. Thanks to the […]

I have posted real-life confessions in the past on this blog. Actually, several times. But you’d be surprised. I’m not some serial confessor in real life — I don’t just start admitting to things in face-to-face situations — but when […]

It’s release week for O Me of Little Faith. I hope you haven’t gotten tired of my constant book-promoting over the last couple of week — it can be indelicate, but it’s sort of my job. Occasionally I need to […]