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April 2010 Archives

Yes, of course I want an iPad. Who doesn’t? They’re sleek, cool, “magical” little computery things. My Austin friend, Shuey, has one and keeps handing it to drooling strangers who can barely keep their hands off it, and who barely […]

For me, Bryan Allain is one of those Internet-only friends we all have whom we figure we’d get along pretty well with if we ever interacted in the real world. I’m not sure how the two of us first got […]

Michael Spencer, the Internet Monk, died last night at his home in Oneida, Kentucky. He was surrounded by his family. He had cancer. He got sick in November. Once the doctors figured out what it was, they started an aggressive […]

Just a schedule update. I’ve got a few appearances lined up in the next month that you may want to know about if you live in the Grand Rapids or New York City areas. (Yes, those two locations aren’t generally […]

In the Rule of St. Benedict, a fascinating 6th century document that still informs the lives of monastics, Benedict — the founder of Western monasticism — describes what happens when a novice is fully accepted into the monastic community. …they […]