O Me of Little Faith

In the top navigational bar, you’ll see a link to, a little t-shirt site I launched a couple years ago. It sells only four t-shirt designs, each of which I created and each of which are the logos of fake bands with awesome fake names. Because, in my opinion, hipsters like to own gear from obscure bands, and you can’t get more obscure than not existing.

It’s a brilliant concept, if I do say so myself. And I do. Often.

Because of the way I set up my initial store with my supplier/distributor, I was having to sell the shirts at more than $20 in order to make any profit. That’s too expensive. So I shut down that store in January and have been sitting on the shirts ever since. (Not literally, because that would be totally weird, and after a few weeks, quite unsanitary.) The shirts have been boxed up in my closet.

But not any more. The box is open! I simplified everything and am now selling Fake Band Shirts again through Big Cartel, which means you can now buy the shirts using your PayPal account (or credit card) and you can save a lot of money: each shirt is just $15.99, plus shipping. Just in time for Christmas!

Anyway, I wanted to let you know. This is a limited offer because honestly I don’t have a whole lot of shirts left, and I’m not sure if I want to reprint them. But I do want to sell the ones I have, and I want you to buy them. Because I like you.

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