O Me of Little Faith

Everyone’s talking about (and watching) the Oprah/Black Eyed Peas flash mob event last week in Chicago. Which is pretty cool, if you haven’t seen it. (It’s not officially a flash mob, though, since the mob is really supposed to show up, do something, and then disperse.) But anyway, lots of fun if you haven’t seen it.

And my friend Ken Grant engineered a promotional flash mob a couple of weeks ago in Delaware. It was a freeze-out. At the honk of a horn, the folks in on the gag froze in place for several minutes along a busy street.

But my favorite kind of flash mob is the type perpetrated on a single person. These are hilarious. Here’s a clip of a several Japanese mobs doing an excellent job of completely freaking a person out.

Have any of you ever participated in a flash mob? If so, spill the beans.

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