O Me of Little Faith

In honor of Pocket Guide release week, it’s time for another fun caption contest. The winner gets a free copy of any of the new books — Bible, Sainthood, or Afterlife (your choice). Enter as often as you like, with one entry per comment.

Here are the rules:

1. The caption can be no longer than two sentences.

2. The caption must be creative.

3. In a nod to the saints, you must refer to at least one of the Santas as “St. Nick.”

4. You must also employ the phrase “right jolly old elf.”

5. Bonus consideration will be given if you can work in a reference — any reference — to the afterlife.

Got it? Here’s the photo.

In order to be considered for the contest, entries must be placed by noon, central, tomorrow (Wednesday, August 5).


Pocket Guide to Sainthood
Pocket Guide to the Afterlife
Pocket Guide to the Bible

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