O Me of Little Faith

A few weeks ago, friend-of-the-Pocket-Guides Bryan Allain asked me to participate in a humor survey he was doing on his blog. Apparently because he needed to fill space between photos of Amish people and stories about eating tacos with Derek Webb.

So Bryan asked me some pretty interesting questions about humor, my relationship to it, and its place in my writing. His thoughtful questions included:

What were a few of the things you remember laughing at the most as a kid?

What about now as an adult?

Is there something that lots of other people find humorous that never really makes you laugh?

Do you think Christians are afraid of humor?

How do you think humor can be useful to Christianity?

In your opinion, how is humor different from sarcasm/cynicism?

At what point in life did you really start to embrace the idea “wow, i think I might be funny”?

Why do you want to be funny?

…and a few more. Answering the questions was fun, but I don’t want to steal from Bryan’s blog traffic, so if you want to read my full answers, you’ll have to read his blog post. To further whet your appetite, I will reveal that my answers contained the following phrases:

angry, hateful comedy

men getting hit in the naughty bits

epic smackdown of sarcasm

Carrot Top Syndrome

that ravenous need for approval

I’d talk about Pringles

died of tuberculosis


So there you go. Read, comment, and enjoy the horse-and-buggy photos. If you want to comment about my interview, go ahead and do it at Bryan’s blog.

On the comments here, I’m going to ask you to answer two questions posed to me:

What things did you find funny as a kid? What do you now find funny as an adult?

Looking forward to your answers.

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