O Me of Little Faith

My brother Brooks is a full-time inner-city minister, but he also has a side gig: magic. As in illusions and prestidigitation and card tricks and all that fun stuff. The kids he works with really get into it, but he’s a pretty impressive performer among adults, too.

So I thought I’d share a video of one of his recent performances in front of a church group. Here, he takes all the simple tricks he does for children and performs them in an overly dramatic montage, David Copperfield-style, complete with pulse-pounding musical accompaniment. That’s right: “The Final Countdown,” by Europe. It’s street magic plus on-stage irony.

The lighting, video, and audio aren’t the best quality, but they’ll give you the idea. Enjoy.

And if you want to book Brooks for a gig at your church, school, or living room, he’s available. With musical accompaniment. Get in touch with him here, or hit me up and I can connect you.

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