O Me of Little Faith

I’ve been thinking lately about the questions I have for God, the kinds of things I would ask if I could get an answer, and which I do ask from time to time. They’re the kinds of questions that aren’t always acceptable to ask in some religious circles — they indicate, in some minds, a lack of faith (which not everyone deals with very well). But I think it’s healthy to ask questions of God. If you look at the Bible, guys like Moses and David and Elijah and Jeremiah all got away with asking very serious questions of God. Job spends a whole book questioning the Almighty…then God (sorta) rewards him for it in the end.

My upcoming book about doubt and spiritual weakness (Zondervan) asks a lot of these questions, and in most cases, they’re questions for which I don’t have good answers. The Bible doesn’t really have satisfactory answers either. Neither does most theology.

Because I’m editing the book right now and am curious, I’m wondering what questions you might ask God if you knew you could get an answer? Not goofy questions like “What is the purpose of mosquitoes, anyway?” or “Why allow the continued existence of Carrot Top?” but real, hard, serious questions.

Here’s my big question, at least for now:

Most so-called “proofs” of God are subjective, disputable, and can somehow be explained away by science. Why doesn’t God give us more substantial, objective proof that he exists?

That’s my question. What’s yours?

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