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March 2009 Archives

March is articles month for me, apparently. I’ve had eight assignments due by April 1, for various print and online publications, so I’ve been plugging away at these. One of them is for a new online venture — I’m not […]

I moved out of one office and into another a couple of weeks ago, so I’ve had to rearrange my work environment. It’s important for writerly/creative types like myself to have a suitable atmosphere for being writerly and/or creative. Or […]

Not sure why it took me so long to post this, but if you’ve ever wondered what it looks and sounds like when I do a public speaking gig, then here’s your chance. This is the introduction to a talk […]

I’ve expressed my enjoyment of Twitter here before, but some people seem to get a little too, um, wrapped up in the joy of 140-character posts. Guys like David Prager, who got exposed on Gawker this week for a stream […]

I’m looking for some help with an article I’m writing for a new publication. The article is about the virtues of generosity, and I need two things: 1. Some quotes from youngish people (20s, 30s) who are trying to practice […]

Oh my. Here we go again. David Wilkerson, author of The Cross and the Switchblade and the pastor of Times Square Church in New York City, let loose a wild blog post on Saturday in which he claimed — while […]

I received some very bad news yesterday, courtesy of a YouTube clip blogged about by Bryan Allain. It’s a song that aired on “The Mornin’ Show,” a local program on WTVA, an NBC affiliate in Tupelo, Mississippi. Tupelo, as you […]

There was a story on Yahoo! News a few days ago with this wonderful headline: Cops: Driver adjusts mirrors and roughs up McGruff I may be in my thirties, but that’s young enough to have grown up with that lovable, […]

My old, eccentric friend Shuey — with whom I once exited a high school geometry class via its first-floor window — alerted me to a fun make-your-own randomized album game on Facebook. I try to avoid Facebook as much as […]

Remember when I did a brain-dump of interesting facts and I went on and on about it being educational and entertaining and a fun series that I would do occasionally? Of course you don’t remember. I couldn’t even remember. I […]