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Here’s something cool. New York photographer Richard Howe spent most of 2006 taking photos of every corner of every intersection in Manhattan to capture everyday life at street level. In his words, the photos represent “what people were doing on the corner when I got there: crossing the street or waiting to cross it, shopping, hanging out, riding a bicycle, and so on — in short, doing what people do at almost any street corner anywhere in Manhattan.”

The end result is a fascinating collection of 11,000 photographs — at every corner, from every direction.

Check out a selection of photos from Richard Howe’s Manhattan street corner project here, and be prepared to spend way too much time looking at them.

A few random examples…

Here’s the northwest corner of 5th Ave. & 13th Street:

The southeast corner of Broadway & 108th:

And here’s the northeast corner of Broadway & 112th. This is the famous Tom’s Restaurant, used as the exterior for the diner shots in Seinfeld:

Look around on Howe’s site. Can you find any of your favorite places in New York?

[H/T: Patrol]

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