O Me of Little Faith

A friend of mine sent me a link to a hugely popular YouTube video of Theresa Andersson, who is musician from New Orleans who recorded all of her most recent album, Hummingbird, Go! in her kitchen. The video features a performance of one of the songs (“Na Na Na”), and shows how she uses real-time digital recording and looping to create a multi-textured song in which she “virtually” performs the whole song herself — including instruments, percussion, background vocals, lead — simultaneously. It’s cool to watch.

Another artist who uses looping to great advantage (at least in live shows) is Trace Bundy, who does ninja-like things on an acoustic guitar. Trace is a brilliant guitarist who is sometimes hesitant to do too much looping, because people tend to then assume everything he does is digital trickery, when in fact it’s not. He’s just really really good. But here’s what “really really good” looks like when it’s combined with looping. (BTW, Trace is a friend of mine, and the week before this video was recorded Trace was practicing this song in my living room. So, clearly, I am awesome.)

Anyway, that’s all. I wanted to post some audio of the sermon illustration I mentioned preparing for in the Christian Parody T-Shirts Rant, but there were some administrative issues that prevented it from being recorded. Maybe I’ll just record myself ranting about it and put THAT on YouTube. If I do, I’ll let you know.

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