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Friend-of-the-Pocket-Guides Bryan Allain tagged me with a lunch-related edition of “How I Roll.” Obviously you readers have always been wondering what I do for lunch, so at Bryan’s behest, I’m gonna tell you.

He submitted the questions. If there’s one that didn’t get asked but should have, comment away.

1. What time do you usually leave for lunch?

During the summer, it’s sometime around 12:15 pm. During the last school year, it was around 11:30 am, because my son, Owen, took at nap at 12:30. We needed time to eat lunch and wrestle before naptime.

Both kids are in school starting today, so my lunch-time habits may change in the coming months.

2. How long do you usually take for lunch?

About an hour. Rarely longer, unless I’m meeting a friend or it’s a working-type lunch. It’s hard to get into a restaurant, talk to someone, eat a meal, and get back to work within an hour.

3. Ever eat lunch at home?

Yep. Pretty much 95 percent of my lunches are at home. The reasons for this are tri-fold:

A. I live only two miles from where I work. That’s a pretty quick commute, even on a bike.

B. I’m cheap.

C. No offense, but I’d rather eat with my kids or wife than just about anyone else I can think of.

4. What are your favorite places to eat out for Work Lunch?

I’m partial to Thai food and Mexican places. If you think you know what “Mexican food” is but don’t live in Texas, then you are most likely wrong. Here, when we say “Mexican food,” we mean “Tex-Mex,” which involves various plates combining delicious amounts of beans, meat, enchiladas, fajitas, guacamole, salsa, and cheese. It does not involve anything that can be purchased at Taco Bell.

5. How often do you bring food in from home?

Most days at home I either eat leftovers from the night before, or I make a sandwich or wrap using healthy and delicious Flat-Outs. My favorite meats for both are thin-sliced Boar’s Head roasted barbecue chicken. Regular accoutrements include pesto, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, sugar snap peas, and cucumbers. It’s like a salad with bread!

6. Are you a lone ranger or a community eater?

See above. Mostly I eat with my family, but when they’re not available, I very much enjoy eating while reading a magazine. My lunchtime reading preferences therefore include Newsweek and Entertainment Weekly.

7. How often does your company pay for your lunch?

Not too often.

8. What is your favorite lunch meal of all time?

It’s hard to choose. I’m pretty happy with any Thai food, Tex-Mex, pizza, or greasy hamburger meal. I’m happy with just about any food, because I like to eat. In fact, that’s pretty much why I exercise: I exercise not to look good, or to live longer, or to feel like I’m getting my money’s worth out of my gym membership.

No, I exercise so I can eat. That’s the American way.


Well now. That’s the most I’ve ever written about lunch in my life. Thanks for that, Bryan.

Now it’s your turn, dear readers. Answer the questions for yourself, if you want. How do you roll when it comes to lunchiness?

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