O Me of Little Faith

Last week I uploaded a video featuring clips of my appearance on a History Channel program about the Garden of Eden. If you watched it, you’ll probably be disappointed to learn that I’m on another “Decoding the Past” program, too.

And this one’s even awesomer.

Sure, the last one had fake Adam and Eve frolicking in the Garden of Eden (and/or a park in Los Angeles), but this one has images of apocalyptic destruction. It’s about how several ancient prophecies apparently attach some kind of doomsday significance to the year 2012.

So obviously, they wanted to know what I thought about it.

Not really. But they knew I’d written about Revelation for my book, Pocket Guide to the Apocalypse, so at the end of my interview for the Eden show, they asked a few questions about biblical prophecy. I tripped through a few brief, not-quite-prepared-for-this answers. Thankfully, I got a good edit.

(Though you should probably judge that for yourself.)

By the way, the dark libraryish background behind me? It’s a conference room at a Courtyard Marriott in Los Angeles. Complete with a well-lit but entirely fake ficus tree. I’m telling you, it was the apex of glamour. If by apex of glamour, you mean a hotel in Burbank next to a SuperTarget and Outback Steakhouse.

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