O Me of Little Faith

Just uploading a little bonus content from Pocket Guide to Sainthood, because I’ve just learned that users of the Internets prefer short paragraphs, bold type, lots of links, and lists.

Lots and lots of lists.

So this comes from Ch. 6, the part of the book that has lists. You will love it, apparently.

Five Combinations of Saints’ Names With the Word “Sweet,” Which Make Useful Expressions of Dismay, Surprise, or Anger (with appropriate uses as suggested by the saint’s life):

1. Sweet Anthony of Saxony! (to be uttered when being slain by a pagan chieftain)

2. Sweet Kundegunda! (to be shouted upon finding out your young daughter is being forced to marry an important man)

3. Sweet Stephen of Mar-Saba! (to be exclaimed should a bright light emanate from your body during a celebration of the Eucharist)

4. Sweet Wiro the Bishop! (to be declared when given a tract of land by a barefoot prince)

5. Sweet Sassy Zita! (to be spoken when given a laborious amount of work to do)


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