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One of the weird things about writing historical (albeit entertaining) books like the Pocket Guides is that it makes you an “expert” on the subject matter. Sort of. Which means I am an expert on the book of Revelation. And […]

Today we continue with Part Two of an interview with Anne Jackson, author of Mad Church Disease and the persona behind (Read Part One here.) Anne grew up the daughter of a West Texas pastor and had a front-row […]

I’m tired of blogging about me — and you may be tired of reading about me. So let’s talk to someone else. A couple weeks ago, I interviewed Matthew Paul Turner right after his new book released. Now it’s time […]

You no longer need hold your breath. The Pocket Guide update you’ve long been waiting for has arrived. Sports Fans? Put down your remotes. Gamblers? Set the cards aside. Whoremongers? Stop all that mongering. 1. Pocket Guide to the Afterlife […]

I posted this already at Prayers for Blowouts — where I’m now an official contributor — but I’m slapping it up here, too, in case you didn’t see it. As I see it, there are several problems with this banner. […]

I was a dorky teenager, so I can’t say I’ve never mooned anyone. I have. And in mixed company, too. But while my occasional moonings may have caused psychological harm to others, they never resulted in actual physical harm. Looks […]

Here’s a fun list that came right off the top of my head. Seriously. I was just riding my bike to work and a sheet of paper fell out of a tree as I whooshed by and it landed on […]

The votes are in on the Fake Band Names contest! I’d announce the victor but I’m waiting for a committee to decide whether or not we accept full or half-votes from the residents of Michigan and Florida. Not really. But […]