O Me of Little Faith

I’m always interested in the traffic that ends up at this blog via Google searches, because it always surprises me how quickly the Goog attaches blog posts to topics — especially to newsworthy names.

Yesterday — based on the Margaret B. Jones post below — this blog had the 6th spot on Google if you type in margaret seltzer eugene oregon, which got me several new visitors last night.

And I continue to list high on Google searches for Jasper McCutcheon, which earns me multiple visitors every week, thanks to this post and the apparently widespread interest in pygmy love queens. I doubt it ever translates to regular visitors who’ll subscribe and comment and read this stuff regularly, but it’s always fun to see an increase in traffic.

It makes me want to post something that name-drops oft-searched celebrities like Jessica Simpson or Scarlett Johansson, just to experiment. Will my traffic spike as a result? Will I be bombarded by teenage boys who will be sorely disappointed to end up at the blog of a guy who writes books about historical religious subjects but doesn’t, in fact, feature any hot photos of starlets?

I guess we’ll soon find out. Stay tuned…

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