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The hardline Communist bureaucrat who led China’s roughshod campaign against Tibet’s Buddhist dissidents has been given a new target: to destroy China’s “underground” Catholics. Zhang Qingli, known as the “Tibetan bulldog,” has been appointed as the Communist Party Secretary of Hebei […]

Editor’s Note: Miss Wang Shuanyan is the pastor of Beijing’s Xinshu (New Tree) Church, one of the hundreds of thousands of illegal “house churches” throughout China. Although she usually avoids the public spotlight, she has stepped forward to support Beijing’s […]

The following is a plea by the wife of human rights lawyear Gao Zhisheng to U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden to ask Chinese authorities to release her husband. He is “missing” — but is presumed to be in the Chinese government’s […]

Chinese Christian expatriates have asked the United Nations to investigate the disappearance of human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng. The U.S.-based China Aid Association, formally requested a special U.N. investigation into Gao’s whereabouts as well as the torture he underwent in previous police detention. […]

Few people have ever heard of China’s tiny Jewish community, which is not recognized by the Chinese government nor by most Jews. The topic comes up as the Wall Street Journal tackles China’s problems with religious freedom this week, reports Dr. Terry Mattingly’s […]

A Christian youth summer camp run by one of China’s “house churches” in Anhui province was surrounded by 100 police, who detained the pastor and three ministers, the China Aid Association has learned. In China, it is illegal to teach children […]

EDITOR’S NOTE: For nearly a quarter of a century Asia Harvest has been providing Bibles to the estimated 50 to 150 million Christians who worship in illegal “house churches” in China. In the early years, this consisted of hosting many […]

China’s estimated 485 million Internet users include 195 million Twitter “tweeters” and other social network “microbloggers,” reports Caixin Weekly, a Chinese business magazine. But how long will the government — which tightly controls Chinese society — allow such freedom of expression? […]

“China tolerates Christian church services,” writes former Time magazine correspondent David Aikman, “but only within the narrow boundaries of theology and church life dictated by the State Administration for Religious Affairs, which oversees two church umbrella groups, the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association and, […]

“On a recent Sunday at the Beijing Zion Church, Pastor Jin Mingri laid out a vision for Christians in China that contrasts starkly with the ruling Communist Party’s tight reins on religion,” writes Brian Spegele in the Wall Street Journal. […]