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A Buddhist group overseeing the construction of the world’s tallest bronze statue of the goddess Guanyin on the outskirts of Hong Kong is denying it will also serve as the final resting place for billionaire Li Ka-shing. East Asian Buddhists venerate […]

In a little room of a small hillside Buddhist temple that barely survived Japan’s tsunami five months ago, Yuko Kikuchi knelt down, quietly sobbing and gently caressing the boxes that hold the bones and ashes of her perished mother and […]

India has eased its immigration rules for visiting Buddhist scholars from Mongolia — in order to deepen cultural ties and boost bilateral relations between the two nations, according to Ashwini Shrivastava, reporting for the Buddhist Channel. “India has liberalized its visa regime […]

The Tibetan National Martyrs’ Memorial is a black obelisk in Dharamsala, the Indian hill station that serves as the headquarters of exiled Tibetans who have fled their Chinese-ruled homeland. “Usually the slender monument is surrounded by a colorful tangle of […]

“Instead of plunging headfirst to their death in a pot of boiling water, 534 live lobsters escaped the dinner plate and belly flopped to freedom into the dark waters of the Atlantic Ocean,” reports the Buddhist Channel. The liberation of […]

The city council of Christchurch, New Zealand, has been accused of snubbing Tibet’s Dalai Lama during a recent visit. Tibetan community representative Thuten Kesang said he was disappointed the council “did not lift a finger to help” the Tibetan spiritual leader, according to the New […]

A 40-year-old Buddhist nun whose melodies have transformed her into one of Nepal’s most popular singing stars, has caused a new stir for which she refuses to apologize. She has extended sanctuary to a nun half her age who became stigmatized […]

The government of Nepal has rejected a $3 billion offer from a Hong Kong foundation to turn Lumbini, the birthplace of the Buddha, into a tourist mecca. According to the Buddhist Channel website: Less than a fortnight after a Chinese […]

Chiang Khong, Thailand — The 15-year-old aspiring “ladyboy” delicately applied a puff of talcum powder to his nose – an act of rebellion at the Thai Buddhist temple where he is learning to “be a man”. “They have rules here that […]

A former Buddhist novice has burned herself to death in an apparent act of devotion to a monk who also committed self-immolation last year to protest a Korean flood control project, according to Stephen Hong reporting for the internet Buddhist […]