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A statue of Jesus on a Montana ski slope is under attack — although its patch of U.S. Forest Service land has been leased for the last 58 years by local members of the Knights of Columbus. The Forest Service was worried somebody […]

Calling aggressive out-of-state atheists “terrorists,” a small-town Tennessee mayor is asking for help defending a cross atop his town’s water tower. “They are terrorists as far as I’m concerned,” said Whiteville, Tennessee, Mayor James Bellar about the Wisconsin-based Freedom From […]

An atheist group is gloating on its website over the revenge it has taken on Christ Cathedral in Columbus, Ohio. The church, which owns a billboard leased to Clear Channel Outdoor advertising, discovered that an atheist advertisement had been placed on […]

“Fanatical atheism is no worse and no better than fanatical religion, though it may be more bitterly ironic,” writes Brad Hirschfield in the Washington Post. “There is something pretty odd, dare I say hypocritical, about a bunch of people who […]

Caution: Shaking your fist at the sky while proclaiming that God doesn’t exist and mocking the faith of His flock can be harmful to your health. “This isn’t about what happens to you in the hereafter,” writes Patrick Chisholm for […]

An atheist group says it will tear pages out of a Bible on southern California’s Huntington Pier. A Christian preacher who often preaches on the beach noted that they chose not to desecrate a Koran — since Christians forgive those […]

American Atheists, a non-profit that claims to protect the rights of atheists and to ensure the “absolute separation of government and religion,” always seems to find itself in the middle of controversy, writes Billy Hallowell at the news website the […]

“Atheist alert!” writes Jordan Sekulow in the Washington Post. “New statistics from the Public Religion Research Institute show that over 70 percent of Republicans and over 50 percent of Democrats want a president who has “very strong religious beliefs.” This […]

American culture is circling the drain faster and faster, but most of us are too caught up in the frenetic pace of our lives to notice the dramatic changes that have sent our country spinning out of control, says New […]

He’s written his own Bible, he speaks out frequently attacking religion and now he’s founded his own seminary for non-believers. “A.C. Grayling has an impressive resume,” writes Jessice Weisberg in RD magazine. “He has been a philosophy professor, a representative to the […]