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At the LA Times, of all places: “Are Mormons the victims in the Prop 8 fight?” I’m not sure I agree with the framing of the story — it seems to imply that every story, even a political story, must have a victim, with the media’s job being to correctly identify the victim for us, the readers. But it’s nice they care.

In reply to Trailer Trash’s comment from the previous Prop 8 post: I’m sorry you don’t appreciate my selection of blogging topics. But if I’m going to run a blog that talks about Mormon issues, including current news, I really can’t avoid this issue. It’s all over the papers and has generated a huge amount of discussion on LDS blogs as well as in the mainstream media. And if I’m going to comment on a story, I pretty much have to call it like I see it. If you think my view of Prop 8 is some sort of unsupported fringe view, I think you need to do a reality check. The definition of marriage now written into the California constitution has now garnered a majority vote in two California general elections, an outcome that reflects outcomes in thirty other states where similar measures have been on the ballot.

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