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We care for a patient who suffered from panic attacks, social anxiety, tremor, weakness, pain, headaches, muscle pains and the list goes on.  She had made countless attempts to correct these symptoms by a variety of ‘natural’ methods before coming […]

If you have been following my “exhalation” s/p (that’s medical-ese for ‘status post’ meaning ‘after’) attending the SIMPLE conference in Albuquerque recently, get ready for some more juicy information.  Remembering that this was a conference designed to unite and educate […]

Today instead of reporting as a doctor of Integrative Medicine, I come today in the form of a mother.  As mentioned in a recent post, I was in beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico just last week for an Integrative Medicine conference.  […]

As you may have read in an earlier post, I recently attended SIMPLE, a conference for Integrative Medical Professionals held by the University of New Mexico.  There, I amassed a smorgasbord of integrative health education which I will be spurting […]

Apologies to all of you!  I have been delinquent in keeping up with my blog duties, but alas, there is much to come after this drought of information.  OK, I know it’s only been one week but I hope that […]

Running.  How do people do this activity for minutes and hours on end in one day?  And then when you think they had all that time to think about what they were doing step after step after step, these runner […]

There is one word that strikes fear in the hearts of every diabetic that I have ever diagnosed in my office.  One word that conjures up images of needles, syringes, blood, pricking yourself day in and day out, chasing high […]