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posted by Rev. Barry W. Lynn

Well, Jay, I think your”victory” in the Illinoispharmacy case may be short-lived. First, on the merits, it seems unlikelythat the courts will create some new “right” to allow licensedprofessionals to “opt out” of any practice they find religiouslyobjectionable.  Second, to […]

Illinois Supreme Court: Pro-Life Pharmacists to Get Day in Court

posted by Jay Sekulow

It’s been a busy time for Illinois Governor Blagojevich at the Illinois Supreme Court.  Last week, the state’s highest court refused to hear a case involving a challenge to the Governor’s fitness to remain in office as he battles corruption […]

No Official Christian License Plates in South Carolina

posted by Rev. Barry W. Lynn

Well, Jay, Americans United won a very significant victory late last week in a case in South Carolina involving license plates.  U.S. District Court Judge Cameron McGowan Currie granted a preliminary injunction against the state continuing to market or actually […]

Christmas Displays are Constitutional

posted by Jay Sekulow

Barry, the First Amendment does not require the government to strip the public arena of references to holidays that the vast majority of Americans observe.   In the Rhode Island case you referred to, the Supreme Court noted that “[i]t […]

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Another Blog To Enjoy!!!
Thank you for visiting LynnvSekulow. This blog is no longer being updated. Please enjoy the archives. Here is another blog you may also enjoy: Jay Sekulow: Faith and Justice  Happy Reading!

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Another blog to enjoy!!!
Thank you for visiting Lynn V. Sekulow. This blog is no longer being updated. Please enjoy the archives. Here is another blog you may also enjoy: Jay Sekulow's Faith and Justice Happy Reading!!!

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More to Come
Barry,   It's hard to believe that we've been debating these constitutional issues for more than two years now in this space.  I have tremendous respect for you and wish you all the best in your new endeavors.   My friend, I'm sure we will continue to square off in other forums - on n

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Thanks for the Memories
Well Jay, the time has come for me to say goodbye. Note to people who are really happy about this: I'm not leaving the planet, just this blog.As I noted in a personal email, after much thought, I have decided to end my participation and contribution to Lynn v. Sekulow and will be doing some blogging

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President Obama: Does He Get It?
Barry,   I would not use that label to identify the President.  I will say, however, that President Obama continues to embrace and promote pro-abortion policies that many Americans strongly disagree with.   Take the outcome of the election - an unmistakable repudiation of the Preside

posted 11:46:49am Nov. 05, 2010 | read full post »

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