Letting Go with Guy Finley

Many things that have happened and that continue to happen in our world are, at best, dark and difficult to deal with. Let there be no question about this: sleeping human beings do terrible things to others, as well as to themselves. Compassion and her older sister Empathy seem to be on an extended vacation so that suffering grows unchecked. But the key point here for those seeking the Self that never dies is that passing events in themselves do not have the power to make us suffer. It is our negative reactions that first blind us, bind us, and then hurl us into a world of hurt.

The proof of this crucial finding that events themselves are not the source of our psychological suffering is found in the inspiring life stories of many people throughout history. One by one, we learn how individuals facing impossibly painful conditions not only transcend the hardships they face but emerge from them in some way transfigured. And what one can do, all may do; the victory of a single soul over any darkness lights the path for all who follow… [to be continued]

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