Letting Go with Guy Finley

Letting Go with Guy Finley

Start Living Fearless and Free

posted by Guy Finley
Let me extend a warm welcome to you, my new friends along the Way, and invite you to journey along with me as we make some wonderful discoveries about the true nature of letting go, and what it takes to start living fearless and free.
My name is Guy Finley, and together we are going to learn how to walk away from fears and worries, what it means to take quiet command of stormy thoughts and feelings, and what it takes to awaken the unstoppable Self that lives within us…a living Light that makes all things right.

The daily lessons in my blog will be presented to you in short video clips, podcasts, topical essays, special key lessons, and an occasional “question- and-answer” section that will cover a host of topics including stress, addictive behavior, toxic relationships, and the true (higher) nature of love.
When you realize no one else on this earth can be like you…that no other soul may know the beauty, sorrow, light and darkness you alone are given to see…then you will no longer want to be like anyone else on this earth. You will, at last, be the fearless individual your Heart of hearts has called you to be. 
Please join me, each and every day, for the greatest adventure on earth…the glad discovery of who you really are…

  • Penny Federici

    Wow, this is something I am truly interested in and need :0) I am looking forward to this :0)

  • Jim

    Glad to have you here.

  • Lisa

    Sounds interesting….I’ll ride along!

  • Johanny Rocha

    looking forward to your blog with great interest :)

  • http://www.eqthinking.com Prateep V Philip

    Pl check out my website above and tell me what you think of it.

  • Charlie

    I am looking forward to the journey.

  • Patti

    Sounds like a friend and A guide .I will read along with you.

  • mary.m

    Iwould love to tag along .sound like what i need

  • Hagakiah

    You have inspired me. I look forward to your teachings, as we all are pulled into the shift. What can I say…SHIFT HAPPENS!!!…

  • Dorothy Purge

    Hello Guy:
    I have discovered that fear can take over one’s life and I look forward to reading your blog posts.
    Best of luck.

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  • Marcy

    Life is a journey. Each day is a new day. In my loneliness yesterday, I met a new friend. I stayed up late talking to him on the phone for hours, and enjoyed being in conversation since I have been a long time in silent isolation, living alone. I thank God for the little gifts He brings in day to day living. The other day, I got to see a orange butterfly up close. Last week, the rains came from Hurricne Alex and cooled the temperature out there. God takes care of things, everyday. He takes care of me. I need some food. I am running out before the next check comes in. God wants me to praise and worship Him. He knows my needs. I will read your lessons to see what inspiration you have for me tomorrow. I thank you for doing this.

  • http://www.mdnationwide.org/plastic_surgery.htm Jennifer

    You know I couldn’t agree with you more. Don’t worry about the little things, and live and enjoy life with the cards you were dealt.

  • Red Gramma

    Sounds interesting…and I need to listen and talk.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment charlenee


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