Lessons from a Recovering Doormat
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DoorMats/people pleasers often have a lot of reasons to be that way, most based on circumstances they bring on themselves. Pleasing everyone is a choice, not an obligation. But it’s common to get angry about the repercussions from it , […]

The title of this article may seem confusing. What is fighting well? Shouldn’t we try not to fight at all? Nope, fighting can be healthy, depending on how you do it. When someone proudly tells me that she and her […]

Often situations that trigger anger, disappointment, frustration, sadness, etc., make us stew. People pleasers tend to do it in silence, mulling it over and over as the feelings get more intense, or go the other way and complain to any […]

I was in a good mood when my friend called to tell me she couldn’t make it to a concert we were supposed to attend that night. Her excuse wasn’t good in my book—a guy she liked asked her to […]

Have you ever had a waiter who was impossible to deal with, but you had to? Maybe he got your order wrong and had a snotty attitude. Someone like that can trigger you to leave the restaurant in a bad […]

Have you ever asked something like, “How could she behave like that?” Or “Why would he do that to me?” We often question behavior that we deem as unacceptable, often something that hurts us. But people don’t just decide to […]

I’ve talked a lot about calming your anger, but what about fielding the wrath of others? Today I heard from someone asking me about a situation that is sadly all too common—the wrath of someone else that seems irrational, which […]