Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

writingMany times over the years I’ve heard, “You are what you eat.” It’s used in commercials for healthy eating and to discourage people from overeating fattening foods. And I often use Decartes quote, “I think, therefore I am” to encourage people to fake confidence until you actually develop it. But it’s also true that you are what you do.

•    How do you treat people?
•    How hard do you work?
•    Do you procrastinate?
•    Are you always ethical?
•    Do you have solid faith or let anxiety and fear drive you?
•    Do you carry around negative emotions, like anger, resentment disappointment, etc.?
•    Do you take advantage of people/
•    Do you make others more important than you?

The way you behave adds up to who you are as a person. If you don’t like yourself look for what behavior you can change. “I do, therefore I am.” If you make others more important than you, you’re a people pleaser. If you treat everyone with respect and do your best to be kind, you’re an ethical person. If you always procrastinate, you’re probably someone with good intentions who rarely reaches his or her goals.

Of course it’s good to pay attention to your thoughts. They can drive you toward or away from your goals. But it’s also important to be aware of how what you do defines you. That includes your bad habits. For years I had lots of clutter in my life and was fairly sloppy. When I realized it reflected who I was I made an effort to clean up my act. Getting rid of my habit of leaving things around and keeping stuff I didn’t need made me feel so much better about myself.

Being late is another reflection of you. Everything you do is a piece of who you are. To empower yourself, try to weed out behavior that doesn’t define you positively. Pay attention to how what you do affects your self-image and the way you see yourself. When I procrastinate, I feel guilty and frustrated. That’s not good for my self-esteem. When I make a to-do list and check things off I feel great.

“I do, therefore I am.”

What do you do to look good as a person. What’s your definition based on your actions? Do your best to monitor what you do so you can feel good about who you are!

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